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To be a member of Queen of Saints Co-op, a family must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Family must have at least one adult who is a practicing Catholic, or the Family must have an adult who is enrolled in an RCIA program with the intent of receiving the sacraments of initiation;
  • Family must be parishioners in a Catholic church;
  • Family must be actively engaged in homeschooling.

Please read the following Mission statement for Queen of Saints Co-op:

The mission of Queen of Saints Co-op is to support the education of our children according to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

Please read the following Core Values of Queen of Saints Co-op:

  • We defend and support the Truths of the Catholic faith as established by the authority of the Magisterium which interprets Tradition and Sacred Scripture.
  • We believe that each home is a Domestic Church and, in conjunction with our parishes, we are committed to living the discipleship of our Lord Jesus Christ and inviting others to join us in this way of life.
  • We acknowledge that we do not have all the answers to life’s questions and challenges, but surrender our will to God’s, believing that He will guide us to the Truth.
  • We commit to preserve the eternal treasure of our children’s souls by accepting the parental responsibility as first teachers of our children in the ways of the Catholic faith.
  • We are committed to having our classes taught by teachers who are practicing Catholics.

Please read the following Purpose of Queen of Saints Co-op:

  • To build community among Catholic homeschooling parents and children
  • To encourage and support Catholic families in their homeschooling endeavor
  • To gather for Catholic enrichment classes and tutoring
  • To incorporate the celebration of feast days according to the Roman Catholic liturgical calendar into our education
  • To encourage our children to live a sacramental life by beginning Co-op days with Mass and Confession
  • To strengthen home school families in their commitment to serve God in their home parishes

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