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Building Fund for PACE Homeschool Community Center


Join us in securing a permanent location for our growing

Homeschool Community & Co-Op!

A Safe Christ Based Home for all!


Who ARE We?

PACE is the largest Christian non-profit organization that is supporting a rapidly growing community of diverse homeschooling families of various social, economic, political, religious, racial and ethnic backgrounds residing within the Miami-Dade County, South Florida area.

Families choose to homeschool for many different reasons- to better fit their child(ren)’s academic abilities (either slowing down, or advancing past typical age-based grade levels), their learning styles, their medical needs, family schedules, more family time, moral instruction, less social pressure, more freedom to explore and play, etc. No matter the motivation for homeschooling, any and all homeschooling families are welcome to join PACE

What do we DO?

PACE was officially incorporated in the spring of 2001, with the following mission statement: Parents Association for Christian Enrichment (PACE) of Miami is a South Florida, a registered 501(c)3 non-profit, volunteer-based corporation, that provides general homeschooling support, as well as a forum for conducting enrichment classes from a Christian worldview for all families that home educate their children, regardless of their race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, or educational handicap.

Enrichment Membership: Offers two semesters of weekly enrichment co-op classes. They include core-academic subjects, as well as elective subjects, such as art, drama, computers, choir, robotics, music, yearbook, handwork, Taekwondo, languages, cooking, PE, etc. The quantity of classes varies from year to year but it averages  50 classes each semester for grades toddler through adults. As an Enrichment member you also get to participate in all other events.


Support Membership, which allows the members to participate in everything except enrichment classes Such as:

· Field trips to local and regional educational venues of all kinds, at discounted prices

· Supervised ‘hang out’ activities

· Holiday parties and special events

· Events open to the homeschool community at large, regardless of membership, such as Annual State required testing, Homeschool Homecoming, Prom, & more

· Homeschool Promotion / Graduation

· ‘Moms & Dad’s” group

· “Mom’s” retreat

·  Yearbook

·  Serve and Offer Community Service Hours

·  Discounted HSLDA Membership

·  Discounted FPEA Membership

·  BSF (Bible Study Fellowship for Children and Adults)

·  Free- 4-H Club Membership


PACE has been very blessed in having the ability to meet at a local church in Miami, Florida, for Enrichment Friday Co-Op classes and for some special events. However, with our growing numbers, and the expanding services of the church itself, there will no longer be room for PACE to continue to use the current facility for our Co-Op.

Growth is a wonderful problem to have, but it does mean that we long to purchase a new facility in which we can continue to host and sponsor current activities, most importantly our Enrichment Friday Co-Op classes. Our vision is a permanent location that we can set roots and provide a stable offering of services without worry of needing to renegotiate contracts or be relocated. We currently have 150+ students enrolled in classes each semester in our current location, which has 13 classrooms available (including a waiting area, lunchroom, basketball court, kitchen, and childcare-room). Classes are available based on a first-come, first-served registration basis and often fill to capacity, leaving some families without the opportunity to participate in Co-Op classes when they would prefer to be able to do so. This can be very discouraging for families who need that sense of support.

Our new facility will need to be able to accommodate the needs of a growing student base, meeting all facility requirements for safety and educational recommendations for square footage.


Our hope is that having a permanent home will eventually allow us to provide to above and more to the homeschooling community, such things as:

· additional class days and subject offerings,

· a venue for homeschool sports and artistic pursuits,

· a science lab,

· playground,

· dedicated developmentally appropriate Tot Room,

· a study hall / resource library ,

· media / yearbook room,

· teen hang-out,

· wood shop / wood-working,

· cooking / home-ed, 

· administrative offices.

However, PACE is not currently a revenue-generating non-profit, therefore we are COMPLETELY DEPENDENT on charitable donations in order to attain the funds necessary to acquire a new facility.

We realize that this is a lofty goal, and so we are seeking help from many funding sources, including grants, corporate sponsorships, fundraising events, and individual donations.

We have confidence that we can reach our dream and that the benefits that a permanent facility will provide to the homeschool community and the Miami-Dade County community at large will make the work and sacrifices worth it!

Why SHOULD You Help?

There are many reasons why choosing to help support our cause via a generous donation will be a great benefit to you. Some of those reasons include:

· Personal or Corporate Charitable Donation Tax Deductions—aside from the positive feelings you receive from being charitable, you also receive financial benefits by being able to claim those donations at tax time.

· Saving Tax-payer money—Homeschoolers actually save taxpayers an average of $11,732 per student*, plus the capital expenditures for a public school. Homeschooling families pay taxes to support public schools, but choose not to use those funds for their own children— allowing tax revenues to go further. By supporting PACE, you help save tax dollars.

· Enriching your community—Any healthy community is based on diversity and opportunity. By supporting PACE, you will be promoting diversity in education and opportunity for academic growth and extracurricular growth for hundreds of local youth.

· Supporting freedom—Homeschooling is an educational method currently available to Florida families, but it has not always been so and it may not always be so in the future. By supporting PACE, you voice your support of individuals and families having the freedom to decide how their children should be educated.

· Enhancing Individuals’ academics— Many children are not best-served in a traditional educational setting. Some have medical issues that prevent them from spending the required hours within a public-school setting, others have academic or social issues that are not a good fit for traditional compulsory education. However, when given personalized one-on-one education at home, many of these children thrive academically. By supporting PACE, you are supporting those children and families who need an alternative to traditional educational institutions.

· Investing in the future— In recent research studies, it has been found that homeschooled students are more academically prepared and self-driven than their public schooled peers.* Many colleges are actively recruiting homeschooled students for the intrinsic benefits and training homeschooling has provided graduates of homeschool programs.* Homeschooling students are often given ample latitude to study subjects in depth, pursue their own interests (developing a love of learning), and be self-motivated in their academic accomplishments. By supporting PACE, you support the education and character training of the future leaders of local, national, and global communities.

· Showing brotherly kindness— If for no other reason, it is always a good thing to help those in need. PACE is an organization built around a worthy and admirable cause—to support the homeschooling community—and PACE is truly in need of your charitable donations in order to continue its mission.

· Receive our deep appreciation— We truly do appreciate every contribution, no matter the size! Every little bit helps, and we will use it wisely towards a new facility!

Thank you for your generous support!!

We can't do it without you!!