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About Our Activities


Classes are extra-curricular classes and clubs, such as art, music, chess, etc. Classes fill up quickly at the beginning of the year.  If there is not space, you may join a waiting list. 



Field trips are planned nearly every month to keep the students involved in their communities.  We keep the costs down, so most field trips are free or cost very little. After joining, you may browse the calendar and sign up for field trips as they are available.



Book clubs are broken into age groups, so children can enjoy reading, studying, and discussing books with their peers.  These clubs meet bimonthly and are limited in number like the classes. They fill up quickly at the beginning of the year as well.  If there is not space, you may join a waiting list.



We are meeting at a Park in Temple Terrace each Friday at 9:30 am with the exception of the weeks we have field trips planned. Activities and classes always begin at 10:00, but we encourage everyone to meet at 9:30 so we are prepared to start at 10:00.

Lettuce Lake and Riverside Parks are fully serviced parks with restrooms; however, Bonnie Brae Park does not have restrooms, and sometimes the restrooms at Ridgedale Park are locked.  Please plan accordingly.

We do not have an alternate facility for use in poor weather conditions. If you feel the weather is too extreme for your family, stay home.  If it’s just a little rainy, a little hot, or a little cold, most of us will still be at the park.



Parents are required to attend all activities with their children or someone designated to watch them. None of our activities are drop-off events. We also ask students to leave personal electronic devices home or in your vehicles.