T.E.A.C.H.  -  Total Education Abiding in Christian Homes

C.L.A.S.S. Sublet Application

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This form is to be filled out if you wish to offer a private class during TEACH Co-op and Enrichment hours.  If you have questions regarding this application, please contact the Co-Op director at acedmic@teachtc.org

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Full Year Fall Session (Sept. 11-Nov. 27)
Winter/Spring Session (Feb. 5-April 30)

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Pre-K K - 1st
2nd - 5th 6th - 8th
9th - 12th Adult

Curriculum Used (if applicable)


Please list any textbook(s) the student would be required to purchase.  Please enter the ISBN numbers.  (if applicable)


Please list any supplies or materials that the student would be required to bring with them to the class.


Do you wish to attach a course Syllabus for your students and their parents?  (If yes, please email the syllabus to the Co-Op Director at website@teachtc.org )

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Are there any scheduling requests for this class?  Please note that times are scheduled based on availability and not all requests can be honored.


Cost of class per student

NOTE:  Please keep in mind that sublet instructors are required to collect monies owed to them from the students, and pay TEACH a building rental fee.  FOR SOME SUBLET SITUATIONS, there may be an option to collect your fees through Paypal, using the TEACH website.


How many classroom hours will this class require? 

(EACH classroom hour has a rental fee of $48 for each 12 week session, which will be due by the 2nd week of classes per session.  $96 will be due if it is a full year class.)

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