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Crayola Experience 10-23-15
Art Class - Co-op
Schooner Sultana Field trip 9-17-15
Overnight field trip to Philly
Home School Drama Production
End of the Year Picnic 2015
Dinner in Chinatown
Ice Cream Social 8/19/15
Cape Henelopen Camping Trip
Model Rocketry Class launch
Field trip to trampoline park 1/16/15
Liberty Bell - Overnight field trip to Philly
Art class w/Professional Artist Peter Jackson
Feeding the wallaby
Moms Nite Out - Paint Nite
How often do you get this close to a camel?
The Cast
Easter Party Fun
Longwood Gardens field trip 6-18-14
Roller Skating 10/3/14
Wreath Making at the 2014 Christmas Party
Harvest Party 10-19-14
Bowling Fun!!!
Air Mobility Command field trip
Goddard Space Flight Center field trip 7/17/14
Eager Participation
Around the World Night- HEES organized event
Ice Skating Field Trip
Amazon Fulfillment Center field trip 7-22-14
HEES Family Bowling Field trip
End of the Year Picnic - 2014
Cooking & Nutrition- Co-op
Easter party Fun
Roller Skating field trip
Cherry Crest Adventure Farm field trip
After Co-op Group fun
strawberry picking field trip
Outdoor Fun
Plumpton Park Zoo field trip
Thursday Night Family Field Days- HEES organized event
Our school play performed at Church Hill Theatre


Murder at the Banquet

We are excited to announce that our drama production for this year is called Murder at the Banquet. We are looking for a actress to play Agatha Preakness. If you are interested, please contact Phyllis Bergenholtz. Check out the link on the sidebar for more information. 


Welcome to the Home Educators of the Eastern Shore home page.  We are a group of families whose foundations are in Jesus Christ.  We endeavor to teach our children at home because we believe that is what we are called to do and because we believe it is the best place for our children.  We gather together to enrich the education experience, to build relationships, to support one another, to encourage each other,  and to provide our children with a variety of additional  experiences that would otherwise not be open to us individually.  Our goal is to walk side by side with each other through this home schooling journey and we welcome anyone of all faiths and beliefs, religious and secular, who is likeminded,  to join us. 

Our group operates independently of any church affiliation.  Due to the generosity of our gracious host church, we are able to call Chestertown Church of the Nazarene home.  This is where our tutorial and cooperatives meet on Wednesdays. They are located on route 213 on the Queen Anne's County side of the Chester River Bridge. If you would like more info about them, please click on the "Our Host Church" tab on the right hand navigation bar.. 

Unlike many other home school groups, membership in our group is two-fold. First, we are a support group which is where our relationships and support  of one another is nurtured. The success of our group is due largely to the participation of all of  our members and we require each member to contribute to our group by organizing at least one  event either alone or with someone else in which the group can participate and being active in our group. The benefit of this is that our group has a lot of experiences and opportunities to offer our members and students.   This  support group dimension of the group  includes support group meetings,  field trips, holiday parties, yearbooks, Moms Night Out, science fair, history/geography fair, end of the year picnics, etc.  and opportunity to be a part of our co-ops and tutorials.  By seeking membership in this group, you agree to honor this committment.

Our co-ops are the second dimension of membership in our group.  Once you are accepted as a member of the support group then you are eligible to participate in our cooperatives, if you wish. Currently we have three cooperatives/tutorials :  the Foreign Language Tutorial, Science Cooperative, and the Wednesday Afternoon  Cooperative.  

The Foreign Language Tutorial is currently offering Spanish (Pre K - 2nd, 2nd -6th grade, and Spanish I for high school credit) - this tutorial runs alternately with the Science Cooperative on Wednesday mornings from 9am - 12p.  We have a 1 hour break for lunch and then our Wednesday Afternoon extracurricular cooperative begins from 1 - 4pm.  During this co-op we have a wide range of classes classes for the kids to take and are usually more on the fun side even if they involve core material. 

Our science and spanish classes  are considered core classes and the students at the high school level will achieve 1 credit for each class upon successful completion of the classes.  These classes run for 32 weeks.  The Wednesday Afternoon  co-op is organized in (4)  six week sessions. The classes we offer depend on the talents and desires of the parents offering to teach. Please check the "Calendar" tab to see what days the different tutorials and cooperatives are scheduled for.

The vision of our group is to be a family, involved in one another's lives, offering support, prayer, advice,  and friendship in a variety of practical forms.  We are more than just a group that only meets once a week for co-op and that's where the relationships end.  We are looking for families who want to be committed to each other. 

Also unlike many other home school groups we seek to involve the fathers in as many of our activities as we can.  The dads are always welcome and encouraged to attend our events. There are plenty of co-ops out there that are content with only meeting once a week but that is not us. We work together and play a family.  If  you are not interested in being an involved, committed member of our group then we are not the group for you.  

If you  agree with our vision and wish to become an active  member of our support group, please click on the "Request Membership" tab on the left hand side bar of this page.  We look forward to welcoming you.