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Thank you for your interest in joining Home Educators of the Eastern Shore.  Please read the front page of our website AND the FAQ page.  We are assuming by applying for membership that you have read those two pages and are in agreement with the biblical values that our group adheres to.

The process for requesting membership in this group is to fill out the  4 online forms: support group registration, the Covenant Not to Sue and the Event Coordination Committment form, Personal Responsibility and Photography Release.

**Please read each form carefully and fill them out completely.  If there is any part of our policies or beliefs that you do not agree with, please write them in  the "additional comments for the administrators" portion of your application.  All forms must be complete in order to have your application reviewed.

You MUST be a member of the support group to participate in any of the co-ops. 

 Once all of the paperwork is complete and the payments have been received, the group administrator will review your application and get back to your via email regarding the status of your application. 

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Additional Questions

Payment Instructions

The following fees will apply to the 2023/2024 School Year PER FAMILY


                SUPPORT GROUP ANNUAL FEE PER FAMILY     $55.00

    Science Cooperative, History Cooperative 


                                              To participate in either the morning OR afternoon cooperative  $45.00 per family (includes PayPal fee)                                   

                                               To participate in the morning AND afternoon cooperative          $55.00 per family (includes PayPal fee)                              


                                              **There may be additional supply fees for some classes or tutorial fees for classes where we are paying a teacher.



Payment can be made using your credit card or bank transfer through paypal -    Please contact the administrator at if you need to pay via a different form of payment.

You will need to submit your payment before  you will be approved 


If you want or need to opt out of the event organization requirement and still remain a member in good standing there is a buy-out option of $35 otherwise you are COMMITTING,  as a condition of membership,  to organize at least one event during the school year that will benefit the entire group. The event needs to be organized within the year of membership request between July 1- June 30.  

Thank you for your interest in joining Home Educators of the Eastern Shore


Payment Options