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How It Works

Class Registration Started the week of 5/1!  If you are not registered for 2018-2019 you will not be able to register for classes!

"I'm a member, how do I register for classes?"  Go to Classes tab and click on "Class Registration".  To see the cost and description of classes, click on the class and it will show you the details.  You can then add the class to your child's registration summary.

Returning Member? Check your account!

Membership renewal is an easy two step process.
Step 1: Update Profile
Step 2: Pay Dues

To check if you are ready to go: Click on the Class Registration Grid, Click on a class. It will give you a date when you are eligible to register. If it isn't the first week of May, then your registration is not complete.

Did you do step one and not step two? Just click the Membership Renewal tab and follow step two. Easy Peasy, you are done and ready to register for next year's awesome line up of classes!

*Remember this is a manual process done by two moms, it can take up to a day or two to process, so we encourage early registration. Just know if you did BOTH steps, we will get you set up :) If it's been a few days, and you still don't see a status change, be sure you did BOTH steps, then contact us.

New Members: Fill out the "JOIN" paperwork on the top right, pay and wait for approval :)

Your whole family is welcome at Co-op!  We offer a variety of high school and academic classes, as well as enrichment classes for all ages. We also have a pre-school class for your toddler and a nursery for your baby. You can sign up for nursery or preschool if you have older children in co-op grade levels Kindergarten and up.  You are welcome to attend only one class or to stay all day.  Please note that, except for high schoolers, this is NOT a drop-off "event."  A parent must stay on-site while their children who are attending Co-op.  Parents are assigned assorted duties to provide support for the co-op and teachers.  These duties can range from set up, hall monitor, clean up,  to classroom assistant.  We consider being involved in Co-op a wonderful way to meet other homeschooling parents while your children are making friends with other homeschooling children!

The Co-op runs for two semesters a year, meeting weekly on Wednesdays in Silverado Canyon.  Our staff is made up of volunteers, and we strive to keep our costs low by having our classes taught by members of our group (mothers, fathers, and even grandparents!) who are blessing our children by using their gifts from God.  Any class fees charged are only to cover the supplies needed by the teacher to teach his/her class.  We occasionally have an outside instructor come in whom parents pay directly if we are not able to find a group member to teach a subject that has been requested by our members.

Classes are typically one hour, however, some high school courses can be longer.  Some examples of classes that have been offered in the past include:  Art, P.E., Sign Language, Physical Science, Zoology, Arts and Crafts, Cooking & Nutrition, Guitar, Beginning Spanish, Manners, Knitting, SAT Prep, Drama, Writing, Constitution, Worldview, Beginning Speech, Biblical money management, Geography, and Toastmasters.

When: Wednesdays 9:15-1:55
Where: Calvary Chapel of the Canyons
8002 Silverado Canyon Rd, Silverado, CA 92676