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How It Works

In order to register for Crown classes, you must be a current member. Membership enrollment for the new school year begins in April. Class Registration begins the first part of May.

To enroll as a Crown member, or join Co-op, click the "Join" tab at the top of the page and complete the membership request, submit, and pay for Crown Membership Only or Crown Membership + Co-op!

Approval is a manual process and may take a few days, but you will be emailed confirmation once approved. 

Your whole family is welcome at Crown! We offer a variety of academic classes, as well as enrichment classes for all ages, including high school. If you have a child enrolled in one of our Kindergarten or older classes, we offer a pre-school and nursery for younger siblings. Classes are typically one hour, however, some junior high and high school courses can be longer. Examples of classes that have been offered in the past include: Art, P.E., Sign Language, Physical Science, Zoology, Cooking & Nutrition, Guitar, Beginning Spanish, Manners, Knitting, SAT Prep, Drama, Writing, Constitution, Worldview, Beginning Speech, Biblical Money Management, Geography, Toastmasters, Legos, and Academic Chess. You are welcome to sign up for one class or several!

What is a Co-op Day?

Co-op on Wednesdays: Co-op means “Cooperative”, where parents and students stay on campus and participate together. For Co-op classes, you must have a child enrolled in Kindergarten or older class. Co-op is made up of volunteering parents, and we strive to keep our costs low by having our classes taught by members of our group (mothers, fathers, and even grandparents!) who bless our children by using their gifts from God. Parents are assigned duties during the hours their children are in classes, as well as a set-up, clean-up, or lunch duty. These parent assignments provide the much-needed support for the Co-op and teachers. We consider being involved in Co-op a wonderful way to meet other homeschooling parents while your children are making friends with other homeschooling children! Please note that, except for high school students, this is NOT a drop-off "event" but a Cooperative; a parent must stay on-site while their children are attending Co-op. 

Returning Member? Check your account!

Membership renewal is an easy two step process.
Step 1: Update Profile
Step 2: Pay Dues

To check if you are ready to go: Click on the Class Registration Grid, Click on a class. It will give you a date when you are eligible to register. 

Did you do step one and not step two? Just click the Balance tab and follow step two. Easy peasy, you are done and ready to register for our awesome line up of classes!

When: Wednesday Co-op 9:15 - 1:55
Where: Calvary Chapel of the Canyons
             8002 Silverado Canyon Rd, Silverado, CA 92676