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I'm New to Homeschooling


I'm new to homeschooling in Alberta, Where do I start?


Please check out our links page which has info on the Alberta Regulations and curriculum choices in Alberta. Also check our info for Albertans here.

Member Login Issues


I forgot my login information or am not able to login.


Use the "Forgot my Login" link in the login area on the home page. You must enter the exact email address you used when first signing up.

If your membership has lapsed, please request membership again using the Join link. Membership is effective from September 1st to August 31st each year.

Still having trouble? Email us

Email Issues


How should I set my email preferences on the registration form?


The 'Weekly Email Update' is an automatic email that comes to your inbox on Saturday mornings. It will remind you of current events on the PHEA calendar, and let you know of any updates on the website pages. For busy families, this weekly reminder is a good way of keeping connected to PHEA. 

The 'Forum Emails' is the chatroom or the regular notes that we send to each other & will arrive directly to your inbox. Choose to receive each email immediately OR bundled in a daily digest. (If you prefer to say "no" to forum emails, they won't come to your inbox, but you can still access them on our website by going to Group Email. ) 

The Forum 'Categories' allow you to chose which emails you receive. If you'd rather not receive emails about 'Field Trips', for example, uncheck that box.

The 'Classifieds' are emails generated by the Classifieds tool about what other PHEA members are giving away, selling, or wanting. You can choose to either bundle these in a digest or visit the Classifieds link on our website instead of receiving them immediately. 

Members, you can change your email preferences at any time by clicking on "Profile" in the top menu. By registering, you are giving your consent to receive PHEA member emails & you acknowledge that our website uses analytical info. 

Be sure to have lifeline@homeschool-life.com included in your contacts. It is not spam! Homeschool-Life is our website company. If you stop receiving PHEA emails, please check your spam folder and update your contacts.