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You should only use this form if you have been admitted into the co-op track  OR if you intend to register for upper level classes as an upper level only track member.   (Upper level teachers may also request access to the website.)  If you are just looking for information about Learning Station, please first look at the FAQ section of the website and then e-mail [email protected] for more information.   

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Please list two contacts whom we may call in an emergency if we are unable to reach one of the parents listed above. (UL Teachers: You may provide emergency contacts for yourself or you may simply enter "None" and "111-111-1111" to circumvent the required entry.)

Payment Instructions

All members pay a $25 fee to CHALC which is an organization serving homeschool co-ops and their families.  Membership fees pay for insurance, access to this website, and other events sponsored by CHALC.    

If you have been admitted as a co-op track member, please check the appropriate registration fee based on the number of students you intend to enroll in Learning Station.  All payments are due by June 20 or within 14 days of registration.

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