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Our Mission: To provide information, experiences and a supportive community for Catholic families who choose to educate their children at home. St. Thomas Aquinas Homeschoolers of the Rochester Area, Inc. has as its foundation and as the guiding principle of all its functions and activities, fidelity to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

Membership Guidelines:  St. Thomas Aquinas Homeschoolers of the Rochester Area, Inc. is run entirely through the volunteer efforts of its members.  If you plan to participate in activities, please plan to help in service in some way during the year and to financially contribute in the way of dues and fees where they apply.  An inability to pay should not prevent a family from participating in the organization and limited scholarships are available for families in need.  Each family who joins the group brings with them gifts and talents which can enrich the lives of others. Maybe you have the gift of hospitality or a knack for making great desserts.  You might enjoy surfing the Web, know lots of great children’s games, or have great office/typing skills.  The Body of Christ is made of up of many members, each unique and made in the Image of God.  We encourage new families to spend some time getting acquainted with the workings of the organization and networking with other STAHRA families.  We welcome your active participation in the group and hope that you feel comfortable bringing ideas and suggestions to its leaders.  

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