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:Light Up the Dark" Homeschool Prom 2019

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Date – Time

April 26, 2019 – 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Age Restriction

14 y/o–Adult 20+ y/o


First Assembly of God
Hamlin Rd
Durham, NC

Additional Information

Home Educators Association of Roxboro are hosting this exciting event..  Below is a signup link. 
Homeschool Prom 2019
14 and up
Upbeat Christian music only (no slow dancing/guy-girl touching while dancing)
It's being held at a church gym in Durham 
The theme is light up the night. There will be a lot of glow stick and light oriented decorations. 
The cost is 15$ per person drinks & appetizers will be provided.   PAYMENTS are due by March 15th.  
**For the non-dancers there will be activities and games set up around the perimeter of the gym**
Dress Code:

Prom Dress code 2019

Female dress code as follows


·      Modest, God-honoring attire

·      Long gowns encouraged, but not required

·      Short dresses must be at the top of the knee (Due to time constraints, prom volunteers will not add fabric to short dresses)

·      Slits in long gowns no higher than the top of the knee

·      Strapless gowns – We will follow the Texas Christian Homeschool guidelines. They are attached. (it is your responsibility to ensure your gown stays in place throughout the evening)

·      Dress back not to low to wear eundergarments that should not be seen. No cut out backs. 

·      Midriff covered by non-see-through fabric in front, sides and back (no cutouts)

·       No Two piece dresses

·      Undergarments present but not visible

·      Dressy shoes, dressy sandals, or dress boots

·      You may bring nice, comfortable shoes to change into after dinner for dancing

Not Permitted

·Plunging necklines - See "Dress Code Made Simple"

·Any cutouts in the front or sides of the dress

·Back covered

·You must be fully covered from about your underarm to the top of your knees (see-through fabric is not acceptable) - See "Dress Code Made Simple"

·Farm Boots

·Offensive tattoos

No Hemlines Will Be Altered at Prom

Due to time and space constraints, no hemlines will be altered at prom. If your dress is too short, you will not be able to enter prom until you are within dress code, and our seamstresses will be unable to help you.

Dancing Without Shoes

Dance barefoot at your own risk. If you choose to do so, you should make note of the location of the First Aid room.

Male dress code as follows



·      Tuxedo

·      Dress Suit (Coordinating jacket and slacks)

·      Neck tie, bow tie, bolo tie or other formal neckwear is required

·      Collared, long-sleeved, button up shirt

·      Dress shoes or dress boots

·      Dockers or khaki slacks

·      Sports coat

Not Permitted


·Denim or Jeans of any style or color

·Flip-flops or open-toed shoes

·Offensive tattoos

Dancing Without Shoes

Dance barefoot at your own risk. If you choose to do so, you should make note of the location of the First Aid room.

In the Unlikely Event...

If a member of the Chaperone Team asks you to step out of the check-in line, they will explain their concerns to you. It is possible that you will be pulled from the line and after closer consideration, no fix will actually be necessary. If a fix is required, and you want to stay at prom, you change to fit the dress code.


Signup is currently closed.

The Signup Deadline for this event was 3/15/2019 – 12:00 PM EST

Email the Event Coordinator

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