How to Join HEED

Our meetings and activities are open only to HEED members. However, membership orientations are held most meetings from 6:30 - 7:00. We invite you to attend and join.

**You have to be a HEED member to sign-up and have access to the member-only side of our website. HEED Group membership is separate from sign up to access the member-only side of the HEED website. HEED group membership must be approved before this access will be approved.

Everyone interested in becoming HEED members will attend new member orientation where a HEED coordinator will share about our group. We share our statement of faith, the way we are organized, and the different ways that HEED members serve each other. Reference Membership Benefits and Unit of Service


  1. Have one or both parents attend the new member orientation.
  2. Fill out the membership form which includes a sign-up for a Unit of Service.
  3. Read the HEED Statement of Faith, the Purpose Statement, and the Membership Guidelines and sign stating your agreement with all three documents.
  4. Send the completed and signed Membership Form and $25 annual dues to the Membership Coordinator.

Typically, all four steps are completed as part of new member orientation. The most common exception being a mom who wants to allow her husband to review the information or a family that just wants a little time to decide after attending orientation. We encourage this kind of communication between spouses but would like to give a friendly reminder that meetings are only open to those who have already become members.