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Safe Environment Training

"The mission of the Safe Environment Training Office is to prevent sexual, physical or emotional abuse and/or neglect of children and young people through continued education, building awareness, and maintaining a commitment to keeping all children and young people safe.

The Diocese of Phoenix is committed to protecting all children and young people by offering several abuse prevention educational sessions. The Diocesan Policy and Procedures for the Protection of Minors requires all clergy, employees, volunteers that directly serve minors, volunteers that work in food pantries/provide meal service, provide ministerial service in private homes, adults administering service in an after school program, and minors to attend training on an annual basis." --Safe Environment Training Office

After much prayer, debate, and deliberation, it was concluded by SHHE members that this class is designed to help protect children; and because children are at the heart of why the Sacred Heart Home Educators exists, the Board believes that our group in obedience to the Bishop should take this step to do our part to protect the children we serve and those we may encounter through our ministry. 

Every member family of Sacred Heart Home Educators must "Have at least one parent/guardian that is current with Safe Environment Training." As required by our Statutesinclude confirmation of your current SET when registering.

The first time you become certified, you take a 3 hour class in person at any training site.  After that, only a 1 hour class is required annually.  The 1-hour renewal can be done in person or online.

Register for the free initial training online at https://phoenix.setanet.org/classes.php or contact your parish office for the next class at your church. List your parish as your "volunteer location" and mark yourself as "Volunteer (serves minors)".

Unusual situations:

  • If you are new to the Diocese of Phoenix and have similar training from your old parish, contact the Diocese to see what is required for this year.  
  • If your parish is not within the Diocese of Phoenix, you may attend the program offered by your Diocese to meet this requirement. The documentation showing proof of training could be a certificate or a letter from your pastor/Diocese.  
  • If the training is a hardship, there are alternatives.  Our diocese recognizes that the nature of this content could be traumatic for some individuals.  Simply approach your SET coordinator at your parish or in the Safe Environment Office to make an alternative arrangement. To meet SHHE's requirement you may also meet with your pastor to discuss the information presented in SET and submitting a letter from him confirming your meeting.

Please describe your situation in the box reserved for SET confirmation when you register; someone will contact you about submitting your documentation.