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General Guidelines To Publications / Articles - General Guidelines

Posted 3/9/15

Members with any issues or disputes

  1. try to resolve with other party first
  2. if without resolution, contact chapter head
  3. if chapter head can not resolve, then they will bring it to the board*
  4. if issue doesn’t pertain to any individual, please contact chapter head preferably or may contact any ERC member

* please do not use email to bring up issues

New Members

  1. fill out registration form received from database person
  2. past president, once form filled out, will contact new member & send new member a packet
  3. new member will be directed by past president to chapter head
  4. chapter head will inform member of activities
  5. chapter head will give information to new member of who their “adopt a family” will be and will contact the “adopt a family” with information on new member

Booking field trip

  1. see handout on guidelines for field trip
  2. contact field trip coordinator with information

Communication for major activities for group

  1. activity coordinator will contact treasurer to receive budget allotted for this activity
  2. activity coordinator will contact vice president for file on activity (contact president if there is not a vice president)
  3. contact group with date, time, place, and needs via email    

Communication for special events

Any special event or activity ie. Mom’s night out, monthly rosary etc.

  1. contact group via email with date, time, and place
  2. if there is possible group funding for this event, coordinator must contact treasurer for this information