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Tuition and Fees

Registration Fee $20 (nonrefundable)
Family Membership Fee $65
Standard Tuition* $150 per child for the first three children in a family
$130 per child for subsequent children in a family
Optional Expenses School Pictures
Special Projects / Supplies
Snack for break at co-op.

*Tuition Prices are applicable for registrations received by June 30th. After June 30th, Tuition prices go up $10 per child.

When are payments due?
  • For current members, the $20 registration fee and half of tuition is due with the application form.
  • For new families, the $20 registration fee is due with application.  First 1/2 tuition will be due upon acceptance into KNEEL.
  • The family membership fee and the remaining 1/2 of tuition are due at the first co-op in October.