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Registration opens on May 1st, 2020 for the 2020-2021 school year.

The board will consider your application only after we receive both your application and $25 non-refundable registration fee.

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Our teacher and facility contracts cover the September through May school year, therefore, your application to KNEEL is for a full school year.

Applications received by June 30 qualify for early bird tuition at $150 per year for each of the first three students in a family and then $130 for each additional student. Please note that after June 30, annual tuition for the school year goes up $10 per student.

KNEEL offers a large-family discount. Families with more than three children in KNEEL pay $130 per student after the first three at regular price.

There are two deadlines to keep in mind for tuition payments. Half (50%) of the tuition is due on the registration date (or within two weeks after you have received acceptance into KNEEL for new members). The second half of the tuition is due on the first co-op in October. A $5.00 late fee will be assessed for missing the deadlines.

Please make checks payable to KNEEL. They can be given to the current Registrar in person or mailed to her. Payments can also be made through Paypal by using the following link: If you choose to pay with paypal, please note that the fees are your responsibility. 

Extra expenses, not included in the tuition: all optional Field trips, social/service projects, yearbook, school portraits, snacks.

Each family must pay a $65 family membership fee.

All tuition and fees are subject to change and will be posted at the opening of registration in April.

  Refund Policies

Refunds of tuition will be given until June 30 prior to the start of the upcoming school year. After this date, no refunds will be given.

We have read and understood the financial information. We agree to all financial responsibilities for any medical and/or legal expenses incurred while participating in any KNEEL Co-op activities. We must have both names and authorization unless there is either a loss of spouse or divorce where one parent has sole custody.

Service Teams

Please review the service team descriptions on our "Service Teams" page and select your choices for a service position.
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