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Boy/Girl Relationships

We desire to create an environment where both genders can come and feel comfortable in their own skin with their peers free from the pressures of the world to act, look or dress a certain way.

The Leadership Team recognizes young adults and their need to socialize and have meaningful relationships with friends of the opposite gender.

We support friendly interaction during class time and free time at LCHE.

We discourage boyfriend/girlfriend relationships at any time during LCHE.

We discourage openly talking/discussing about a person and their external qualities, clothing, or physique that might make them attractive as such (a boyfriend or girlfriend).



Do your best not to exclude anyone from a conversation or activity.

Look for ways to make new friendships and get to know new people! (Remember how it feels to be new!)

If you see someone sitting along, invite him or her to sit with you, or bring a friend and sit with them.

Try not to form a clique and only socialize with your current friends. This can make others feel very left out.

Reviewed and Approved July 2022