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Media Release

When selecting the authorization box under Media Release during registration or editing your profile you are agreeing to the following:

1. These records become the property of Logan County Home Educators (LCHE)
2. This release is given without promise of compensation
3. This is effective until terminated by a retraction in writing from the person granting the authorization
4. The parent/legal guardian and LCHE member do release to LCHE any right, title and/or interest of any kind they may have in the records produced.

I hereby grant to Logan County Home Educators the right and authority to photograph, film and/or record vocally. These records may be used for promotional or publicity purposes and may be published in mass media publications, in LCHE newsletter and other LCHE publications, or on LCHE’s internet site. The member and family’s last name may be used. This release is effective until revoked in writing by the undersigned. Such revocation shall only be effective to prevent any expanded future use of the records.

Reviewed and Approved July 2022