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Leadership Duties and Qualifications


The leadership of LCHE shall consist of a leadership team, made of 2-4 husband/wife couples. All couples are equal in power and purpose, although gifted in different ways and capable of functioning in different capacities.


Homeschooling is defined as the parent or parents providing the majority of education and no public funds are received for that child.

Leadership team members shall be a married couple practicing their biblical roles in marriage.

Leadership team members shall have been committed to homeschooling for the past 2 years.

Leadership team members shall continue to homeschool at least one child while serving on the leadership team. If the leadership couple ceases to homeschool at least one child, they shall resign their position as team leader. 

Leadership team members must meet all other guidelines for participating in LCHE and have been active with LCHE for at least one year.  (Excluding founding leadership team)

Leadership team must meet all requirements to be an LCHE "Teacher &/or Coordinator".

Leadership team shall live a lifestyle in accordance with biblical standards. If moral failures arise and are unresolved under the “Conflict Resolution Policy” the leadership couple shall resign their position on the leadership team.


Leadership couples shall prayerfully give direction to all activities occurring under the “LCHE” support group. They reserve the right to allow or refuse any activity if not in accordance with the purpose and goals and/or not in the best interest of the participants of LCHE.

Leadership couples shall be in agreement on all decisions affecting the entire group of LCHE.

Leadership couples shall/may delegate any reasonable planning, coordinating etc. as necessary if in the best interest of the families of LCHE.

Leadership couples shall oversee, accept or reject applications to LCHE.

Leadership couples shall create an attitude and environment of encouragement and support consistent with the purpose of LCHE.

When positions for the leadership team become vacant, the existing husband/wife teams shall prayerfully seek God’s direction and leadership in selecting a couple to serve in the vacant position. The selection will be done privately until all parties have agreed on the new team leaders and the new couple up for consideration has accepted the leadership team position.

Leadership team shall attend a support group leader retreat or conference at least every other year.  Expenses may be covered by LCHE.

Current Leadership Team Members:

Travis & Kristi McCoy joined LCHE in 2015 and joined the Leadership Team in August 2016.

Steve & Katie Montgomery joined LCHE in 2017 and joined the Leadership Team in April 2018.

Scott & Melanie Hankins joined LCHE in 2015 and the Leadership Team in July 2020.

With their move out of state in 2018, founding members Mark & Robin James transitioned to the role of Advisors to the LCHE Leadership Team.