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Recruiting and Private Information Policy

Recruiting and Private Information Policy
(MLM, Home Business, Epic, Other Memberships)

One of our hopes for HIS Co-op, and for LCHE as a whole, is for homeschooling moms and students to build relationship and community with other homeschooling families. Having the online directory available to our members is a wonderful resource for finding friends who might live near you, or kids close to the ages of your kids, etc. HOWEVER, this information is shared with a level of trust that it will be kept within our membership and used for friendly, welcome, and approved interactions.

Please do not share, sell, or use any of the directory information to solicit for business opportunities or sell a product or service in any way. This includes names, addresses, phone numbers, or email information. Please bring it to the attention of the Leadership team if you have been contacted in such a way and we will address the individual and the specific situation. We have not had any issues with this previously, but we recently learned that this can become an issue if no policy is in place.

This policy is NOT an effort to “police” conversations between members or during HIS Co-op or LCHE events…however, please do not come to co-op or other events seeking to actively recruit or grow your business as it is distracting and takes away from the teaching/Learning that is happening. We do have very reasonably priced advertising opportunities available to purchase in the Yearbook which includes an image on the front page of the Website. Contact Leadership for more details!


Reviewed and Approved July 2022