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Membership Application

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Thank you for your interest in joining EarthSchool's membership. We are currently processing applications for the 2022-2023 school year. Our membership committee processes applications biweekly. It may take up to 3 weeks for an update on your application. Thank you for your understanding.

NOTE: If written responses are a barrier to joining, please email [email protected] for alternative communication options.

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Applicant 1 (ADULT) Full Name


Applicant 2 (ADULT) Full Name

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Caregiver(s) Attending with child(ren)

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Telephone Number

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Email Address

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Town or City family will be commuting from

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Our COVID policy is ever-changing based on state and federal CDC recommendations as well as the needs of our most vulnerable members. Our current COVID policy requires masking for all members detailed below:

  • masking indoors for all members
  • masking outdoors for adults unless seated at least 6-foot from others.
  • masking outdoors for children. Children should be masked unless eating, swimming, or taking a mask break with their family unit.

Does your family agree to follow our COVID policy?

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Yes. No.
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Have you previously applied or attended EarthSchool?

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Yes. No.

If you previously applied or attended EarthSchool, when did you apply or attend?

Please enter the number of children in each age-range who will be participating in EarthSchool:

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0-4 years old

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0 1
2 3
4 5
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5-8 years old

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2 3
4 5
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9-12 years old

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2 3
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13-18 years old

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Which statements describe your experience as a homeschooling family? (check all that apply)

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This is our first year. We have homeschooled prior to this year.
We're trying homeschool because of COVID concerns. We're veteran homeschoolers with wisdom to share.
We're looking for homeschooling support. We'll return to public school when COVID is over.
We public school but want to go to Earthschool too
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How do you want to contribute to our community? (check all that apply)

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Teach classes. Other.
Assist with classes. Monitor preschool room.
Monitor outdoor freeplay. Help keep our facility clean.
Collaborate on member recruitment & admissions. Help support diversity, equity and inclusion.
Help plan & coordinate class schedules & teachers. Coordinate recycling and composting program.
Help provide peer support & communication.

If, you chose Other, please elaborate.

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What are you and your child/ren hoping to gain from EarthSchool?

18. *

We at EarthSchool celebrate and affirm the human rights of BIPoC, LGBTQIA+, and individuals who identify as neurodiverse, and disabled. How do/can you commit to celebrating and affirming ALL of these human rights?

Please take some time to thoughtfully reflect on this question. Responses that do not address each human right listed will be removed from the review process to request a more thorough response. Thank you.

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In a community, challenges that go unaddressed tend to increase in both intensity and impact. Peer support is integral and necessary to the health of our community. Would you be willing to participate in the peer support process?

Yes. No.
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If there are specific types of support EarthSchool can provide you and/or your child/ren, please describe them here.

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Historically we have met between 9am and 3:30pm one or two days a week. How much or how little of that time would your family feel comfortable participating?

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Are you interested in in-person classes, online classes, or both?

In-person. Online.
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What factors influence your answer to the participation question above?

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EarthSchool will be meeting weekly on our two campuses: Gorham (Thursday) and Augusta (Tuesday). We offer two membership tiers:  

  • Tier 1: Attendance at either of our two campuses plus all of Tier 2 benefits. | Cost: $200/year/family.
  • Tier 2: Access to our private online community and our community events (ex. Annual camping, Summer Events, Monthly Gaming, Prom, DEI offerings, etc.) | Cost: $60/year/family. 

Please chose one choice for your family.

Only attend the Gorham campus Only attend the Augusta campus
Both Campues Only Tier 2 membership
I'm undecided.
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I would like to participate in EarthSchool :

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Fall Session (October-December) Winter Session (January-March)
Spring Session (March-June) Unsure
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Is there anything else you would like to share with us about your family or your needs?