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Frequently Asked Questions

This page tells you how we do things and what to expect in Q&A format. We encourage you to also read our full policies. Cannot find your answer? Contact us at info@trinityhomeschool.org  


When and where do you meet? 

We are located at Christ Community Church (5500 Sayle, Greenville). We meet on Fridays from 9:00am-12:00pm. Semesters consist of twelve weeks of classes, orientation, and end of semester fellowship.   


How much does it cost? 

  • $35 membership fee, paid each semester
  • Class supply fees, varies depending on material costs, paid one-time (not monthly)   
  • Love offering to host church for generously allowing use of their building (optional)

Membership and supply fees are non-refundable.  You cannot access the member only section of website or register for classes until the membership fee is paid. Supply fees are due by orientation.


What grades can enroll? 

Classes are offered for nursery age through 12th grade. However, you MUST have at least one child in 1st grade or above to join.  


Do I get paid to teach?

No.  For us to remain a low cost, we rely on our amazing, but unpaid parent volunteers.  


What kind of classes do you offer?

Classes offered are dependent on what parents are willing to teach. We typically offer a mix of core (science, language arts, history, etc) and elective classes. Click here to view a "Sample Class Schedule."   


Are you academic? 

When people ask this, they are usually wanting to know if our teachers are have degrees and/or provide grades. In other words, the class is similar to enrolling in private school. We are NOT that kind of group. To prevent confusion, we prefer to use the term "educational." We are unpaid volunteers. Some parents have degrees, certification, or are highly trained in a field, but most are relying on talents and life experiences to teach. Many of our classes are worthy of course credit. The parent must issue credit since we do not provide grades.    


How many students are enrolled?

We are a new and growing group. Our building allows for 140 students.   


How many students per class?

We require five students for a class to "make" and not be cancelled.  The maximum number of students varies depending on grade and teacher request.  The maximums are highest in 7th-12th grades which usually allow no more than 16 students.    


Does my child have to take a class all three periods?

Yes. A student must take a class every period.   


How do I select grade level?  

Choose grade based on where you feel your child fits best, whether that is by age or academic skill level. Students must take all classes at selected grade level. If a student needs a drastically different grade due to their academic performance or special needs, contact us before applying. (Example: 17 year old wants to enroll in 8th grade classes).


Will my child have homework?

They could, especially if it is a core class. Every class provides a description outlining what is required, including homework. The teacher will expect students to complete assignments.


What will I do while my children are in class?

One adult from your family must stay on-site while classes are in session. When not teaching, you volunteer as teacher helper, nursery worker, cleaning crew, or floater (helps anywhere needed).


I would not be a good teacher. Is there anything else I can do?   

We often hear "I've never taught before." Actually, you have. We teach our own kids!  We also understand feeling reluctanct to teach in a classroom setting. Talk to us and we'll work to find the area best suited for you. Just be forewarned, we have a knack for discovering where you will shine as a teacher :-) 


What can I teach? 

We are open to ideas!  Think about your interests, experience, skills and talents.  Then, consider what grade level you would enjoy teaching. Or maybe teach a class about something you planned to teach your own child. Some examples:

  • Love gardening – teach a gardening or botany course
  • Good with money – teach personal finance or economics
  • Sang in choir for years – lead a music class


How do you process applications?

New member applications are processed in order received. They are evaluated and approved based on information provided such as class ideas, space availability, and background check results. Returning members from prior semester will receive first consideration. 


What is your absence policy?

You are limited to two (2) absences per semester. This includes vacation plans, appointments, and illness. If you exceed the maximum, you may be placed on probabtion for the following semester. This may seem harsh, but it is necessary. One absence affects everyone. We also realize life happens. Before placing a family on probabtion, the board will evaluate reason for absences and grace may be provided on a case by case basis. 


I am a nursing mother. Can I be in the nursery?

Parents with a child in the nursery receive first consideration when filling nursery positions. We will do our best to schedule you there, but cannot guarantee it. Contact us before applying about nursery volunteer openings.   


I have a special needs child. May I attend?

We welcome special need students and will do our best to honor requests. For those with mobility needs, the church does NOT have an elevator. Contact us before applying to discuss any necessary accommodations.  


What if I do not agree with certain wording in your Statement of Faith?

Talk to us.  Although we allow anyone to participate, we have a Statement of Faith so you fully understand we do all things in a manner which honors God. We ask you respect our Statement of Faith and recognize will lead under these beliefs. 


What kind of security measures do you have?

Every class has a minimum of two unrelated adults in the classroom.  Members and vistiors wear nametags. We have hall monitors while class is in session. 


How do you communicate with members?

Our primary way to communicate is email. We also use our private, member only facebook page.   


Why is your facebook page "closed?"

The page is a place for families to share share information, including photos. Since we value safety and privacy, only members are allowed on our Facebook page. You will receive a link to join if your membership is approved.