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Frequently Asked Questions

This page is a great way to get your questions answered!  We also encourage you to read our full policies. Still have questions? Contact us at info@trinityhomeschool.org -- you might even see your question added to this page!


When and where do you meet? 

Christ Community Church (5500 Sayle, Greenville) on Fridays 9:00am-12:00pm. Semesters usually consist of twelve class days, orientation, and end of semester fellowship, but the 2018-2019 year will only have 10 class days per semester. 


How much does it cost? 

Membership and supply fees are non-refundable. 

  • $35 membership fee, paid each semester
  • Class supply fees, paid one-time (not monthly)   
  • Love offering to chuch for generously allowing use of their building


What grades can enroll? 

Classes are offered for nursery age through 12th grade; however, you MUST have at least one child in 1st grade or above to join.  


Do I get paid to teach?

No.  For us to remain a low cost, we rely on our amazing, but unpaid parent volunteers.  


How do I know classes offered before applying?

You don't. We would love to post classes first, but we have nothing until families apply and submit class ideas. We're all taking a "leap of faith" and hoping parents offer good ideas so we have a great class schedule. 


Are you academic? 

No, but let us explain. We are not the kind of co-op where you pay someone to be the primary educator and provide grades. We are all unpaid volunteers. Some parents have degrees, certification, or are highly trained in a field. Others use talents and life experience to teach. Many classes are worthy of course credit, but we do not issue grades. So we prefer to use the term "enrichment" classes to keep the focus on having fun while learning. 


How many students are enrolled?

We are a new and growing group. Our building allows for 120 students.   


How many students per class?

We require five students for a class to "make" and not be cancelled.  The maximum number of students varies depending on grade and teacher request.  The maximums are highest in 7th-12th grades which usually allow no more than 16 students.    


Does my child have to take a class all three periods?

Yes. A student must take a class every period.   


How do I select grade level?  

Choose grade based on where you feel your child fits best, whether by age or academic/developmental level. Students must take all classes at selected grade level. If a student needs a grade beyond one level (up or down) based on age, then talk to us before applying. Example: 3rd grade student by age needs 1st grade classes.  


Will my child have homework?

They could, especially if it is a core class. Every class provides a description outlining what is required. 


What will I do while my child is in class?

One adult family member must stay on-site while classes are in session. When not teaching, you volunteer as teacher helper, nursery worker, cleaning crew, or floater (helps anywhere needed).


I would not be a good teacher. Is there anything else I can do?   

We often hear "I've never taught before." Actually, you have. We teach our own kids!  We also understand feeling reluctanct to teach in a classroom setting. Talk to us and we'll try to find an area best suited for you.  


What can I teach? 

We are open to anything! Think about your interests, experience, skills and talents.  Then, consider what grade level you would enjoy teaching. Many parents teach something they planned to do for their own child, but co-op allows them to do it in a group setting. 


How do you process applications?

Applications are processed in order received. They are evaluated and approved based on information provided such as class ideas, space availability, and background check results.  


What is your absence/tardy policy?

We allow two (2) absences or three (3) tardies per semester (or any combination totaling 4). This includes vacation plans, appointments, and illness. Excessive absences or tardies may result in probation. This may seem harsh, but it's necessary because one absence affects everyone. We also realize life happens. Before placing a family on probation, the reason for absence/tardy is evaluated and grace granted on a case by case basis. 


I am a nursing mother. Can I be in the nursery?

Indicate this on your application (volunteer form). Parents with children in the nursery receive first consideration; however, we cannot guarantee placement.  


Can you accomodate special needs?

We welcome special need students and will do our best to honor requests. For those with mobility needs, the church does NOT have an elevator. Contact us before applying to discuss accommodations.  


Who is in charge?

We are governed by a Board of Directors who are elected by members. The board also consults with our Advisory Committee as directed by our bylaws. 


What kind of security measures do you have?

We value safety and privacy. Every class has a minimum of two unrelated adults in the classroom.  Members and vistiors wear nametags. We have hall monitors while class is in session. We do NOT share photos on public sites; however, photos may be posted on member-only website or facebook page.


How do you communicate with members?

Our primary way to communicate is email. We also use our private, member only facebook page.