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"FOR OUR KING AND COUNTRY" 1 Peter 2:16-17 - Live as people who are free, not using your freedom as a cover-up for evil, but living as servants of God. Honor everyone. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the emperor.




Each year, our Board, with input from the members, chooses a theme and verse for the year.  Some of our past themes have been:

  • The Human Body
  • Inventors/Inventions
  • Minnesota
  • Oceans/Ocean Life
  • American History
  • Exploring the World
  • God's Universe
  • Biomes
  • USA - States
  • Physics/Chemistry
  • Stewards of God's Grace - Peacemaker's Curriculum
  • Celebrations of Nations

...and this year's theme: Led by God: Imitators of Christ!


Infants - We have one class for infants through 2 years old. The children are cared for by NLHSA parents. Infant care is available for families with registered students in the K-12th grades. Infants must be registered for this class or outside arrangements must be made for your young children


Preschool - We have one class for children ages 3-5. The preschool teachers provide a variety of activities: music, art, stories, large motor activities, play time, guided discovery opportunities. There will be two 90 minutes classes.


K-3rd Grade - These ages usually take P.E.,  Discovery (a class that relates to the year's theme), Music, Little Lit. Club Art and/or science.  All students in these grades take the same classes.


4th-6th Grade- The students in these grades usually have a few choices in their class selection.  Some examples of classes that we have offered are: P.E., Discovery (a class that relaties to the year's theme), Music, Art, Science, ASL, Cooking, Woodworking, Knitting/Crocheting, Strategy Games, First Aid, Robotics, Speech and Debate, Entrepreneurship, Service and Volunteer Opportunities, Computer Programming, Drama/Musical, Little Lit. Club and Photography.


6th Grade and Older: The students in these grades also have a few more classes to select from. Some past classes offered include P.E., Discovery (a class that relates to the year's theme), Art, several of Apologia's Science classes with labs, Psychology, IEW writing, Faith-based class, CSI, Photography, Microbusiness for Teens, Financial Peace, Countries and Cultures, Early Child Development, Calligraphy, Civics and Governent, Robotics, Cooking and Woodworking.