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Before you begin Registration:

  1. CLICK HERE to Read the Heritage Homeschool Co-op Handbook. We are a cooperative organization; all families actively work on campus each week to make our co-op successful.
  2. Click Here to Review the class descriptions and verify the class availability.
  3. Gather the information you will need to complete the membership request form below:
    • User name (Typically this is your email address or name.)
    • A strong password of 8-15 characters. (We recommend including a number, special character, one uppercase letter)
    • Determine who will be on campus with the children most often. This will be the "Primary Parent"
    • Select an emergency contact & verify you have their current phone number. 
    • Be prepared to be charged $140 upon registering for classes.
  4. Read all of the application questions before you begin. If you have any questions, please contact our membership registrar at registrar@heritagehsc.org.
  5. Determine Forum options.
    • Our community has discussion boards called Forums. You are not required to participate in these forums, however, the web host will ask how you want to receive notices for these forums should you choose to participate now or in the future. You may change your options later, but you'll need to select something to complete your registration form. This is a required field of the web host; the Heritage Board cannot remove this.
    • To support our community, we have a classifieds forum. You will need to indicate if you want to receive this information and if so, how often.
  6. Add lifeline@homeschool-life.com and membership@heritagehsc.org to YOUR email contacts. This will ensure that important email will not be deleted as SPAM.
  7. Note: birthdays must be entered mm/dd/yyyy format.
  8. Read the Terms of Service from Homeschool-Life, our website provider (see link immediately below).

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