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FAITH of NW Houston is currently accepting applications for the 2024-2025 school year.  Applications received will be added to our waitlist and we will begin reaching out to references.  Interviews will be scheduled over the summer if space is available.

This application is a request for membership consideration in FAITH of Northwest Houston located in Tomball, Texas.

You must meet the following requirements before requesting membership:

1.  Agree and walking in accordance to our Statement of Faith, which reflects Protestant theology.

2.  Have at least one child that is 8 years of age or older on Sept. 1st for the year you are applying

3.  Have at least one year of homeschooling experience

4.  Have one parent that will be able to attend and help with all four periods during the co-op day on Wednesdays

Please be prepared to spend some time filling this out, as you will be asked to submit a brief testimony, names of references and contact information.  


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We run a background check on every adult currently living in your household.  Please provide the names of all individuals over 18 years of age in your home.

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