Chipola Home Educators

Fundraiser Results


If you said prayers, bought tickets, donated, or sold tickets, THANK YOU. The Lord used you to provide for two families! Here are the results:

Total proceeds... $1,526.88

Draayom Family... $763.44

Sloan Family.... $763.44

Top ticket sales... Janice Toole (She chose to give the Escape Marianna pass to Will & Gabe for their hard work)

Movie Pass Winners.... See list in the image to the right

Tablet Winner.... Mary Walter of the Jackson County Times

Fundraiser Results

Chipola Home Educators (CHE), located in Jackson County Florida, is a Christian Support Group for families who have chosen to home educate their children.

CHE offers monthly field trips, activities, and support for Moms. We are grateful for our volunteers who believe in supporting the homeschooling community.

Come join us at our next function to meet us. Contact us by email for more information.

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