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Donna Kuzio To All Instructors

Donna graduated from the University of North Carolina with a BS degee in Civil and Environmental Engineering. She worked for the City of Wilmington, NC as a City Engineer and then moved back to her beloved hometown of Charleston, SC where she served as a Traffic Engineer for the City of Charleston.  She was later employed by the Charleston Naval Shipyard and, then, the Naval Weapons Station as an Environmental  Engineer and  Energy Engineer, respectively.  She spent 3 years in Naples, Italy as the Environmental Engineer of the Naval Support Activity before moving on to the Navy's Mediterranean field office to serve as an Engineer-In-Charge (of design for military construction projects from Venice to Madrid.  She currently run the Business Office for QZO Construction Services which is owned by her husband Paul, a civil and structural engineer.  She decided to share her passion and began teaching engineering 8 years ago.  She has sucessfully homeschooled her daughter, Caroline - a computer engineering major, Paul - (17) who assists in the classroom, and Daniel - (8) who brings fun and laughter into their lives.  In her freetime, she enjoys cooking, gardening, photography, movies, and especially traveling.  

Current Classes
Engineering Adventures & Robotics – Instructor (open)
Engineering Exploration & VEX Robotics – Instructor (open)
STEM – Instructor (open)