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Carrie Rubinow To All Instructors

Carrie Rubinow is a very active mother of five children (ages 12 to 27), and has been married for almost 29 years to her husband Robert, a clinical counselor that currently works as a contractor for the Navy. Carrie founded The King’s Players Theater Company in 1994 when she had a desire to combine her love for acting and the stage with her calling as a homemaker and proud homeschool mom.

With an extensive background in stage performance in community theater and training at colleges, Carrie has developed her own exciting curriculum, "Shine Like Stars" (based on Philippians 2:15-16), which teaches 15 Drama Principles that encourage creative expression through games and improvisation.

Through Carrie's super-fun, hands-on drama camps and classes, students of all ages learn both basic and advanced principles and techniques of creative acting. Most importantly, Carrie loves using drama to instill in children and teens the knowledge that they are specially and lavishly loved by Jesus, the King of all kings.

Since the age of seven, Carrie has taken acting classes and performed in several plays each year with the Players Guild (anamazing community theater in Northeast Ohio) and the Kent State University Theater (Stark Campus). During her high school years, she helped develop a new drama department at her Alma Mater, Heritage Christian School and secured leading roles in Cheaper by the Dozen and A Man Called Peter. In college, Carrie was awarded several drama scholarships from Kentucky Christian University, where she attended from 1987-1988. Carrie has also received training from classes taken at Kent State University and Seminole Community College. 

Carrie has taught creative drama for many years in places like her home state of Ohio, Chicago, Orlando, and South Africa. Since moving to Virginia 6 year ago, Carrie has had the opportunity to offer several drama camps, direct wizard of Oz Junior at Veritas Collegeiate Academy, and is completing her first year at Homeschool Plus teaching an IMPROV class.

She is very grateful to be part of the Homeschool Plus community!

Current Classes
Theatre Arts Extravaganza 101 – Instructor (open)
Theatre Arts Extravaganza Advanced – Instructor (open)
Theatre Arts Extravaganza 101 Student teachers – Instructor (open)