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Krysta Corliss To All Instructors

Krysta Corliss is a Christian woman from Chesapeake, Virginia. Driven by the lifelong goal of working with children, she got her Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh in 2019. During her undergraduate and graduate studies, she worked part-time as a tutor and a teacher’s assistant. She has also completed an internship working with kids with OCD and other anxiety disorders. Krysta has experience teaching students with learning difficulties and is passionate about helping kids have a great educational experience despite their fears and struggles. When she is not working as a teacher, she is working as a preschool teacher and care provider at a licensed daycare. Whether in the classroom or with her nieces and nephews, Krysta aims to inspire, encourage, and educate the future generation. 

Current Classes
Life Skills – Instructor (open)
Math Step A – Instructor (open)
Math Step B – Instructor (open)