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Mikiah Montgomery To All Instructors

Greetings! I am so excited to be here at Homeschool Plus! I have worked with children of all ages and grade levels for over 15+ years. My first experiences of teaching started when I was a little girl playing “school” with my little brother. As a preteen, I was given the opportunity to teach the little ones during Sunday school at my family’s church. It was there that I realized I really loved working with children. When I started high school, I signed up to internship at the local elementary school next door and was thrilled to recognize that I adapted well at teaching in an educational setting.

Following high school, I took on my first job as a daycare worker as I finished up my Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration at Old Dominion University (ODU). When I finished my first degree, I started working in a new position as an HR assistant. After a few years of being in an office setting, my heart tugged to be back in the classroom. I soon decided to earn my Master of Science in Elementary Education at ODU. It did not take long for me to realize that being an educator was my calling.

After taking on a volunteer opportunity to teach in South Africa and becoming a local public-school teacher for a few years, I began to feel a further pull into education. Something was missing in my public-school classroom, and I quickly realized what God wanted me to do. In 2020 I made the decision to try my hand at school one more time. I applied to Regent University for a Ph.D. in Christian Education Leadership and am currently finishing up my dissertation work in Christian Homeschool Education. I realized that education is a powerful key in life, but without Jesus it is nothing.

My prayer is that true learning in all wisdom and knowledge is explored in our classroom as parents are respected as the first teachers in the home. I pray that our scholars will be enriched and fulfilled academically and spiritually by God’s grace as we all embark on a journey of excellence with a Christian worldview. May Jesus get the glory as we have an amazing year together! I truly am looking forward to being the lead learner with your scholar! God bless!

Instructor Information:

Name: Mikiah Montgomery

Email: mmontgomery@homeschoolplus.org

Cell: (757) 447-4677

PayPal Link: https://www.paypal.me/mikiahmontgomery

Checks or Cash Payable to: Mikiah Montgomery (Please send to Homeschool Plus in a sealed envelope with child’s name and date.)


Current Classes
Academy 4th Grade – (open)
Academy 4th Grade - *COPY* – (open)
Math - 4th Grade – (open)
Math - 4th Grade - *COPY* – (open)