Homeschool Plus (HSP)

High School

High School made for you! Want to learn…

Engineering from professional engineers? World Building from a published author? Sewing and costume construction from an Emmy nominee? Art from award-winning artists? Anatomy and Physiology from an EMT and Physician’s Assistant? Film- Making from a professional?

We have an amazing staff of teachers who know how to build academic competence and inspire creativity. 

All Maths up to Trig & Pre- Calc.

Film- Making

Lord of the Rings

Engineering, Coding, Robotics

British Lit., Advanced Writing

Sewing and Costume Construction

Lab Sciences: Biology, Chemistry

A & P, Physical Science, Geology

Creative World Building: Cartography, Codes and Character

French 1, 2, 3

Spanish 1, 2, 3

Essay Writing with Class. Lit. and Analysis

World Geography and Cultures,

US History, US Government

Bible Studio Art

Honors Bible Studio Art

Advanced Writing, Journalism,

Speech and Debate

Write On: Creative Writing

Stained Glass,

Drawing and Painting

Ancient Cultures Through Lit.


Math Lab, Math Tutoring

Stage Performance

Piano, Voice, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Praise Team

Music Theory and Composition

Yearbook, Driver’s Education