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Registration is for 2022-2023 school year.

A registration fee will be required before classes may be registered. 


The Annual Fee to join Homeschool Plus is $350. This is inclusive of all fees other than tuition, supply fees, textbooks, lunch cards, and annual testing. Supplemental programs and outings may require additional fees.

The FULL registration fee must be paid before the first day of classes in September to be able to attend classes.

Families registering in August need to pay not only registration but also teacher and supply fees. We strongly encourage early registration. 

Families registering in August who need a payment plan will have until October 15th to pay all fees. 

Families entering after December 15th will pay $175.

No registration fees are refundable except for military orders or extreme unforeseen hardship; requests will be reviewed by the administration staff. 

Fee Structure for Homeschool Plus

Families pay instructors directly. After registering, the first monthly tuition payment is paid in  August to the teachers as well as any supply fees. In September, regular monthly tuition payments begin. Parents make a total of 9 monthly tuition payments beginning in August and running through April. (See schedule below)


March 15th - May 1st Registration fee - $300 for a discount or March 15th - April 15th $150 to register and $100 paid by May 1st and $100 paid by June 1st.

Registration fee after May 1st - $350

Families have registration fees and tuition spread across 11 months with no payments due in July. 


Monthly Fees and Tuition Schedule

August – pay teacher's 1st tuition payment and supply fee

September – all registration fees must be paid to begin classes, pay 2nd monthly tuition

October – regular monthly tuition

November – regular monthly tuition

December – regular monthly tuition, families enrolling after 12/15 pay $175

January – regular monthly tuition

February – regular monthly tuition

March – regular monthly tuition, REGISTRATION Fee of $300 for discount OR $150 + 2 future payments of $100 each for those wishing to enroll for the 2023-2024 school year.

April – regular monthly tuition

May - NO MONTHLY TUITION, $100 if on the registration fee payment plan

June - NO MONTHLY TUITION, $100 if on the registration fee payment plan



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