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What is ARCH?


ARCH is the Association of Roman Catholic Homeschoolers of the Raleigh, NC area.

We are a family support organization whose goal is to build up one another as we gather to grow, love, serve and learn in our Catholic faith.
Though our children range in age from infants to high schoolers and beyond, and our educational styles include classical, unschooling and everything in between, we are united by our common desire to raise our children with a love of God and His Church.

The association provides a website for general support and communication.  As an organization, we host several annual events including an All Saints' Day Party, a May Crowning and a Father-Daughter Dance; we promote monthly Moms' Nights Out, Teen Socials and Field Trips; and we sponsor co-ops and educational opportunities as needs and interests arise. 


What kinds of activities does ARCH offer?


Your ARCH dues help us to provide select annual activities that support our members spiritually, socially and educationally. Namely, these events are:

  • Annual Kickoff Meeting

  • Q&A Panel or Homeschooling Roundtable

  • All Saints' Day Parade and Party

  • Homeschool Mass with the Bishop

  • Christmas Crafting Fair

  • Father-Daughter Dance

  • Mother-Son Bowling

  • May Crowning

  • End of Year Picnic

Additionally, ARCH leadership invests time and energy encouraging our members to plan many more events (Moms' Nights Out, High School dances and socials, park playdates, clubs, field trips) throughout the year. We also have a support system called Meals for Moms to help families in need of a helping hand in the event of a birth, death or major illness.


How do I join ARCH?


To join ARCH, go to https://www.homeschool-life.com/2199/signup

Membership years run from July 1st to June 30th of the following calendar year. Each membership year, a family must fill out the registration form, submit dues, and have a valid Safe Environment Training certificate for at least one adult in the family on file with our Membership Coordinator.


How much are dues?


Dues are $39 annually and cover the membership year from July 1 to June 30, regardless of join date. 


Where can I find a listing of events? How do I sign up to participate?


A general listing of events can be seen on our homepage at http://www.homeschool-life.com/nc/arch-raleigh

Details of events open to the public are visible if you click on the event.  ARCH members see details of all events. 

The procedure to RSVP for an event depends partly on the type of event and partly on the preference of the event's coordinator. Always read event details carefully for RSVP conditions and deadlines.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As ARCH is growing, our events (especially annual events and field trips) often have waiting lists of families wanting to participate. Therefore, remember that your RSVP is your commitment to attend! Please be considerate of other families and give the event's coordinator ample notice if you must rescind your intention to participate.


Who runs ARCH events and how do they happen?


We are so glad you asked! The answer is that YOU make our events happen! All ARCH events are member-driven and run. Without a spirit of community and volunteerism among our members, we'd be only a mailing list. Please consider prayerfully how you can contribute to our group and try to volunteer for at least 2 events throughout the year.


How is ARCH leadership structured?


ARCH leadership consists of a Board with Officers (President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Coordinator) who collectively oversee general operations of the non-profit organization.

At this time, all positions are filled by seeking out volunteers as needed with terms dependent on a family's ability to commit time and energy to the position.