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New Member Request Form

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Thank you for your interest in GraceLife Homeschool Co-op.  If you feel you have a basic understanding of how we opperate and you would like to pursue membership, please fill out the following application as completely as possible.  If you simply would like more information about our co-op or homeschooling in general, please fill out the general Contact Form.

  Application does not guarantee acceptance.

Your information will be reviewed, your reference checked, and/or a phone interview may occur before admission is granted.  This process helps to ensure that you are a good fit for us and we are a good fit for you.  Admission is primarily based on classroom space and age of students, but skills of parents, willingness to serve, and positive referrals play a role as well.  

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Name and grade level of children

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Church you currently attend

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How did you hear about our co-op?  Do you know someone already in the co-op you could use as a reference?

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Please list your strengths you would like to share with the group (science, art, pe, music, bible, theater, preschool, etc).  And/or what age group do you like to work with the best?


Feel free to tell us about your family and why you would like to join our co-op.