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Recordkeeping Only

A cumulative file is kept for all students enrolled with SBFA. Periodic reports are submitted by the parents as outlined in the SBFA handbook. All enrolled families are officially included on the SBFA membership roster and private school affidavit and may participate in all school activities with the exclusion of Academy Day.

Recordkeeping with Academy Day

Families who desire a regular time for fellowship may choose to participate in the Academy Day program. Academy Day meets on Friday morning usually twice a month. The program is designed like a co-op offering two one-hour classes for the children. Parents will teach one hour and have a time of fellowship for one hour. The Academy Day program is not a drop-off program. Parents need to remain on campus for the duration of Academy Day.


Although SBFA offers counseling for curriculum choices, you, as the parents, are responsible for obtaining your children’s curriculum resources. The subjects should cover: Bible, science, math, language arts, history / geography, fine arts and physical education. One of the benefits of home education is that the curriculum can be tailored to the child’s needs. Because of this, SBFA is not an accredited school.

We are happy to offer to our families the use of an extensive Curriculum Library where they could save money by borrowing curriculum for their family's personal use.

Services and Activities

  • Prayer Support
  • Academy Day
  • Curriculum Library
  • Field Trips
  • Park Days
  • Parent Library
  • Newsletter
  • Yearbook
  • Family Fellowship
  • Open House
  • Student Photo & ID
  • Standardized Testing
  • Curriculum Counseling
  • Annual Promotion Ceremony
  • High School Guidance Counseling
  • High School Diploma
  • High School Graduation Ceremony