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CHEER is a Christian traditional homeschol support group for families in the greater Tulsa, and surrounding  area. The goal of the group is to support and encourage each other at our monthly ladies meetings/fellowships, have family-wide events throughout the year, regulary student events, and provide tools to help each family achieve excellence in homeschooling.  CHEER members are on "teams' to be part of, plan activities and service projects for the kids.  CHEER provides graudation for members who have been part of CHEER by November the year PRIOR.  We also provide a co-op for members children from K-12 grades.  See below how to join. 

How to join CHEER:

A visitor needs to have two of the following: Attend a ladies meeting, a ladies fellowship and go through the CHEER visitor 101 orientation. A visiting family can attend one of our studnet events as well and count as one of the "meetings".

We want to give families the opportunity to meet CHEER families in a casual setting, where parents will stay, and their child/children can interact in an event. This will help families join sooner and begin to connect.

Once the requirements have been met, the visitor will go to www.cheersupport.com to “Join” and pay for membership. Once approved, they can attend all CHEER student events and have full access to our CHEER website for members.


How to join CHEER Co-op:

To join CHEER Co-op, one can join CHEER at any time and must be a member before CHEER has it's Co-op orientation and registration. We do make some exceptions on a one on one basis. Those dates for Co-op oreintation and registration will be announced as our co-op team works on these details for the future.

CHEER is a support group first and our co-op is an extension of our support to families who desire classes as a group. We desire to keep this same vision in mind. We encourage members to let their friends who traditional home school know about our support group and co-op and the updates that have been made.

Can a new member join the Spring session of co-op? This is a new addition to our co-op options for new members. If a family joins after fall classes have begun and if it is too late to be part of the fall classes, they can join co-op in the spring. They would be able to join a spring session class. If they have been doing similar fall class work that is a yearlong class in CHEER, the teacher must give approval for adding a student to their spring class.

We are hoping this addition to our spring session classes will help families who have moved in the area, find themselves desiring a support group with a co-op, or who have pulled their children out of outside school and are looking for group classes to join to be helpful.