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How to Join CHEER Checklist

1. During the school year, attend one meeting: Ladies Meeting, or a Ladies Fellowship. Families can also attend a scheduled student activity before they join to meet families. 

*During summer months: Since we do not have scheduled ladies meetings/fellowships, click on Contact US for a Steering leader to contact you. 

*Once a member: Attend a minimum of 2 meetings/fellowships per year.

Check out our Calendar or Facebook for event dates!

* Regarding student activities:  We want to give families the opportunity to meet CHEER families in a casual setting, where parents will stay, and their child/children can interact in an event and make connections.

2. Attend a Visitor 101 Orientation: Orientation occurs before each Ladies Meeting and Ladies Fellowship at 6:30.

*During summer months: The Visitors 101 will be given by Steering leader over the phone, or face to face.  

Check out our Calendar or Facebook for event dates!

3. Read our Parent Handbook and agree with the "Statement of Faith", Cheer Bylaws, and sign a Release of Liability form. (Liability forms are available after joining)

4. Serve on a team within the group: It takes everyone doing their part to have an effective organization!

Click HERE to see our team choices!

5. Click on "JOIN NOW" button below and pay the membership fee of $45.00.

Your payment will NOT be charged until an admin accepts the form.  Multiple types of payment are available.  

*Once approved, you will have full access to our CHEER website for members only.


Still have questions? Click on "Contact US" above for general CHEER information!

Interested in our Co-op?

CHEER is a support group first and our co-op is an extension of our support to families who desire classes as a group. We have Christ-centered courses at our Co-op for pre-K, elementary, middle school, and high school. Because we desire to maintain a more "mid-size" Co-Op, and keeping with the integrity of how we function, we instated a membership prerequisite for joining the Thursday Co-Op (see in red below). We have two opportunities for registration. Check our Calendar or Facebook for updates on registration as well as our offered classes (linked below).

Any new members must join by December 10th to be eligible to register their children for Co-Op Classes for the 2023-24 school year. If someone joins CHEER after December 10th, they will need to wait until the following school year to join the Thursday Co-Op. However, anyone may join CHEER support group at any time to become part of our homeschool community and get involved right away with our teams to serve, student activities, and mom gatherings!

***Then beginning next year (2023), the requirement to join Co-Op for the 2024-25 school year and beyond, will be that a new member must join by Oct.1st to be eligible for the following year's classes. We do make exceptions to this policy, like a family moving to the area from out of town, etc. but these are always at the Steering Team's discretion.

Contact us: [email protected]