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Homeschooling Vs. Public Education At Home

It is our position that members will be currently homeschooling at least one of their children.­ Homeschooling is considered by CHEER to be schooling a child at home using curricula chosen by parents rather than receiving public funding of homeschool curricula and supplies.­ Homeschooling may include using co-ops and non-public funded classroom settings taught by teachers other than the parent.

If other children are being schooled though the public school system, whether attending a local public school or utilizing a publically funded school program in the home setting (k-12, or EPIC), those children are not considered homeschooled.  Students of Public school programs cannot participate in our co-op classes.  When it comes to CHEER activities, any members children can participate in student activities, as long as the parent stays and supervises their children.  

Additional information about public school at home