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For the "Secondary" information, please list the other parent who would be attending classes, field trips, or other activities with your child (if applicable).

Thank you for your interest in Sunbury Home Educators! We are a Christ-centered homeschool co-op which welcomes all homeschooling families for encouragement and support. Before requesting membership, please read through our FAQ and Membership Handbook. You may also direct questions to our Registration Coordinator, Christine Lemon, at

SHE membership is open year-round. However, the membership process must be completed (either for the first time or as a renewal) during the first half of May in order to be eligible to participate in the following year of Activity Day, our weekly co-op classes. (Check our Calendar for specific dates.) Requests to participate in AD that are received mid-May through September will be considered if we have not met our maximum capacity.

Please note that your membership fee must be received before your membership in SHE and here on the website will be approved. Membership fees can be submitted via PayPal or by mailing a check to our Registration Coordinator. The membership fee may be paid in a single $40.00 payment, or you may pay $20.00 at the time membership is requested and $20.00 by the first day of AD. (The link and further payment instructions will be provided on the confirmation page.) If you mail a check, please allow at least a week before making inquiries on the status of your membership request.

Once you are approved, you will receive an automated email letting you know you can log in to the website. Be sure to remember the username and password you create because you will need them to log into the website after you are approved.

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