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The Enrichment Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. We work to minimize our teaching and technical costs while maintaining quality, and we take advantage of financial donations and volunteer support whenever we can. Our goal is to strengthen homeschooling families by promoting the initiative, diligence, and excellence in academics and service, all at the lowest cost we can sustain.

As a non-profit corporation comprised of member families. Members are admitted by household and must (1) Pay annual dues, and (2) Be actively engaged in homeschooling and/or have homeschooled children in the past. All families who have children who take classes, credit level or cooperative level, at The Enrichment Center must become members of The Enrichment Center. To become a member and participate, each family be actively engaged in homeschooling and pay annual dues. The Annual Dues are $43 per family per year. The dues cover all students in your immediate family and must be paid by August 15th as required by our Bylaws.

More information about our tuition and fees can be found here: https://ecwpa.org/tuition

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