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Coram Deo means “Before the face of God.”

Are you searching for a stimulating educational experience? An academic homeschool support system that encourages its students to pursue their passions in an environment of excellence? Coram Deo may be just what you are looking for.

The Coram Deo Experience
Coram Deo Academics brings together the best teachers, relevant subjects, and the Classical Education model—utilizing the Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric stages. This strategy lifts our students to academic distinction.

Coram Deo provides an opportunity for students to achieve academic distinction within an environment that fosters a love of learning. Our dedicated teachers care about each student. Our structure is one of classical education—encouraging students to take responsibility for their own learning through a variety of assignments and support, while providing unforgettable opportunities to build lasting friendships and express creativity.

Questions about Coram Deo Academics? Please contact us for more information.

What is Classical Education?

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Christmas Break
December 21 - Monday
Christmas Break
December 28 - Monday
Christmas Break
January 4 - Monday


What grades are Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric level?

Grammar level = 1st grade - 6th grade

Logic = 7th grade - 9th grade

Rhetoric = 10th grade - 12th grade

I am new to Coram Deo.  How do I register?

Please go to the top right corner of the page and click on the "member request" icon.     This will send an request to our administrators.  You will get an email when you request is approved.  You are then able to complete your profile, and register for classes.  On the "class registration" page click on the classes you want to sign up for.  Choose which child will be taking that class.  Please select the "Tuition" class for each child.

Please add the parent that will be volunteering for the parent responsibilities as another child.  This enables you to choose your time to volunteer.

I am a current member of Coram Deo.  How do I register?

Go to the "class registration" tab and click on the classes you want to register for.  Please select the student you want to register for that class.  Do not forget to check the Tuition class for each child.

Please include the parent that will be serving the volunteer duties as a child when you update your profile.  This enables you to choose your time to volunteer.

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