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Things We Do

Monthly Moms’ Meetings
These are held from August through May in various members’ homes.  Any interested mom is encouraged to attend. Nursing babies are welcome. We pray the Rosary together, then discuss topics for the meeting and finish up with social time.

Monthly Moms’ Book Club
The book club meets once a month from August through May in Kenosha. We discuss the book of the month, but very often go “off topic.” There is no requirement to finish, or even read the book to attend. It is a relaxed social event, with just a little structure.

Co-Op Classes
Our group hosts a Co-Op in Pleasant Prairie, WI with enrichment classes. Spring/Fall Co-op classes run for 8 weeks in the fall and then again in the spring. Classes meet for about three hours one morning per week.  These are exclusively run by our homeschooling moms for our homeschooled kids. We rarely bring in outside instructors.

Field Trips
These are organized by any interested mom.

Homeschool Gymnastics Classes
These meet twice per month from August – May in Antioch, IL. For children 12 and younger.

Family Holy Hour & Eucharistic Adoration
Time for family Holy Hour and children’s Eucharistic Adoration is available each month in centrally located parishes of our member families. Gather with other families to spend some quiet time with Our Lord.

Weekly Summer Park Days
One of our moms puts together a schedule for the entire summer. We meet once a week at a park within our general geographic area to get together for play time and picnic lunch. Families can stay for the whole time, or drop in. It is a good way to explore new parks and see friends during the summer.

Family and Teen Dances
Family dances and teen dances are organized each year. It is a fun way for families and teens to socialize in a wholesome environment. You can learn the basics of square dancing and swing dancing, no “popular” music is played.

Holiday & Saints’ Day Parties
Organized by moms, we host an All Saints’ Day party, a St. Nicholas kids craft day and a St. Valentine’s Day party. Some parties begin with Mass.

Closing Mass & Project Fair
Held on an evening at the end of May/beginning of June, all families, relatives, and friends are invited to celebrate the completion of another year of education.