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  1. Read and agree to the Statement of Faith and General Rules.
  2. Read and agree to the parent forms below.
  3. New parents and students older than 4th grade must write out a short personal testimony of Christian faith. Testimonies must be submitted within in a week of registration or classes will be dropped. You may type in your testimony/ies in the Message to Homeschool Group Administrator area below. Please indicate which student the testimony is for.
  4. All former students who are incoming sophomores or fifth grade must write out a short testimony of Christian faith. These must be completed within one week of registration or classes will be dropped.
  5. Pay Registration Fee via check (nonrefundable) made out to PTC for $60/family or via PayPal ($63/family) prior to May 15th. After May 15th Nonrefundable Registration Fee is $80/family when mailed to Michele Gwin 8424 Jasonville CT,  Caledonia, MI 49316 or $83 when paid via PayPal.
  6. Four parent volunteer times are required during the year. You may sign up for these on line with the link provided on our home page. If you are not able to fulfill these you may pay a $25/volunteer time to be excused. Please contact Nichole DeMaar (nichole@demaars.com) with questions. 
  7. Once we have approved your Request for Membership, you will be emailed instructions on how to SIGN UP for your classes. Your teacher will communicate with you by the end of July with information about your class/es.
  8. Any classes not dropped by August 1, must be paid in full regardless of the student's attendance.
  9. Most 90 minute classes cost $320 plus any fees applicable, the two hour classes are $380 plus fees.

You may email the teachers at any time for more information on classes.

                                                     STATEMENT OF FAITH                                                        

The purpose of the Parent-Teacher Co-op is to unite like-minded Christian families who believe that it is their God-given responsibility and privilege to provide a Christian education for their children. We believe that this education involves every area of our lives and the Bible is our ultimate authority. The Parent-Teacher Co-op Statement of Purpose is to assist home school parents with specialized educational classes for their children. These classes are designed to enhance and support a home schooling approach to education.

MISSION STATEMENT  Coming along side parents to raise up a generation of well educated Christian warriors.


  1. We believe the Bible to be the inspired and infallible Word of God, and the supreme and final authority in faith and life.
  2. We believe that there is only one holy, personal Creator God eternally existent in three persons – God the Father, God the Son who is Jesus Christ, and God the Holy Spirit. Through Him all was made that was made according to His Work as it is recorded in Scripture.
  3. We believe in the Fall of man through the disobedience of Adam rendering man totally unable to justify himself before God.
  4. We believe that Jesus Christ is the express image of the invisible God. Jesus became man, yet was without sin, conceived by the Holy Spirit, and born of the Virgin Mary. Jesus Christ died on the cross as a substitute sacrifice for sin and is bodily resurrected into Heaven where He is now as our interceding High Priest. Jesus will return again personally, visibly, and gloriously.
  5. We believe in the Holy Spirit who testifies of Jesus, convicts us of sin, regenerates and indwells believers, and guides and empowers them to live a life that glorifies God.
  6. We believe that salvation comes by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, totally apart from human merit and/or works, it is a free gift. The act of regeneration is a work of grace performed by the Holy Spirit and produces a new creature in Christ.
  7. We believe in the bodily resurrection of both the saved and lost. The eternal life in heaven of the saved and the everlasting punishment of those who are lost (unsaved).
  8. We believe in the power of prayer.
  9. We believe in the sanctity of life for the living and the unborn – each is a gift from God. Life begins at conception.
  10. We believe God created mankind in his image, male and female. Therefore, we refrain from any and all attempts to physically change, alter, or disagree with our God given biological sex. We believe God created and ordered human sexuality to the permanent, and exclusive union of one man and one woman. Consequently, we resist all same-sex sexual attractions, acts, and conduct.

                                      STUDENT GUIDELINES & GENERAL RULES                                     

Students who attend the Parent-Teacher Co-op must practice good Christian behaviors and habits. Students who have been
expelled from traditional schools will not be allowed to join the Co-op at the discretion of the PTC staff. As Christians, our goal
should be to obey scripture and, whether in word or deed, to do all to the glory of God. Since the ultimate end of all Bible-
centered education is to grow in wisdom and virtue, we require all students to exhibit the following minimal personal virtues:

• Kindness
• Truthfulness
• Courtesy toward others and respect for all property rights
• Punctuality in attendance and work
• Respect for and obedience to those in authority
• Diligence in effort and attention
• Moral purity including but not limited to abstinence from drugs, alcohol, pornography, and sexual activities in all areas of life.

DRESS CODE: (For students 5th-12th grades & student visitors)
As Christians, we have a responsibility to create an atmosphere that encourages academic excellence, and upholds an excellent testimony to others. Student appearance should be modest and in good taste so as not to offend or draw undue attention to oneself. The goal of PTC's dress code is to allow students to express their indiviuallity while feeling good about themselves and respecting others. Therefore, the following dress code has been established:

PTC’s dress code for 5th-12th graders.


· Colored pants (not tight fitting)

· Knee length shorts

· Females only- knee length skirts & dresses (you may wear leggings under these)

· Tops with words & pictures (must not be offensive)


· Watches

· Females only-makeup, jewelry, ear piercing


· Jeans that are blue, stonewashed, or faded

· Sweat pants

· Sport pants

· Leggings (unless you a female wearing a knee length skirt or dress)

· Tops with offensive words or pictures

· Tank tops

· Exposed underclothing

· Tops with low necklines, low cut backs, bare midriffs, see through/sheer, tight fitting


· Visible body piercings (except girl’s ears)

· Visible tattoos

· Extreme hair styles/color

· Extreme clothing

· Males should not wear makeup, jewelry, or hats

Disciplinary Action to be taken for failure to comply with the above dress code:

1st infraction: Students will be gently reminded of the code. Shirts will be issued for the day if needed. Hats will be taken for the day. Names will be recorded.

2nd infraction: All of the above will apply, a parent will be contacted to bring appropriate clothing, a note will be sent home.

3rd infraction: It is now assumed this is no longer a mistake, but a heart issue. Students will be asked to go home for the day and all of the above will apply. The following week the student and parent should meet with PTC staff.


“Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand.” Philippians 4:5

Cheating Policy:
If a student is suspected of cheating on homework a teacher will discuss it with the student and then call the parents. If
cheating can be proved beyond a reasonable doubt, an infraction notice will be sent and the teacher has the option of scoring
the paper a zero. If cheating is suspected on a test, the procedure is the same as above. If cheating is proven, the test
receives a zero and student must meet with parent, teacher, and a staff member to discuss severity of the event.The second
time cheating occurs the student will be dismissed from PTC for the remainder of the
year and will not be allowed to participate in any activities. The class fees will still need to be paid for the entire year.

Consequences for wrong behavior : If a student receives three information notices for wrong behavior in a semester, he or she must meet with a parent, the teachers, and a staff member. A student may be dismissed for three infraction notices in a semester at the discretion of the staff. A student may also be dismissed for illegal or immoral behaviors. Class fees will still be paid from the family for the entire year.

Students & parents who stay during the lunch break may bring their own sack lunches.There will be a designated room for lunch. No hot lunch will be provided. Students may not leave the premises during lunch, unless under direct supervision of parent on premise. Students may not be in the parking lot or in cars except for arrival or

Prompt Arrival and Departure:
Students should be picked up promptly after their classes are finished and should not be dropped off more than ten minutes
before their first class. If the child is younger than ten, the parent must be with him/her in study hall. If a student is not in a
class, they must be in and signed in the supervised study hall.

Electronic Equipment:
Cell phones must be put away, silenced and only used for emergency purposes and not during class time. All Mp3 players, I-
Pods, CD players and hand held games are allowed only during study hall.

Illegal Substances
Students should not have in their possession anything illegal or prohibited under Michigan law, including E-Cigarettes.

                                             PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITY FORM                                          

I understand that the following responsibilities are mine as a parent using the Parent-Teacher Co-op Tutoring program: 

  1. I understand I have a God-given responsibility to provide for the education of my child. 
  2. I understand I will oversee and make myself available to further the process of my child’s education with the Parent-Teacher Co-op. 
  3. I understand I will see that my child’s homework is completed each week prior to class. I will do this by asking to see the completed work and checking it. 
  4. I understand that I am to be in the presence of my child when he takes a test and will sign each test indicating so. 
  5. I understand that correspondence will be sent home, and I am responsible to check it so I can be informed. 
  6. I understand that in the contract with the teachers, they make themselves available by phone or e-mail for extra assistance. It is my responsibility to see that the contact is made before Wednesday of that week. 
  7. I understand that it is my responsibility to make certain that my child is equipped properly for each class as defined by the tutor of that class. This includes buying all the required texts. 
  8.  I understand that when I enroll my child, I am entering into a legal contract to pay for the full year regardless of whether or not my child is in attendance. 
  9.  I understand that the monthly payment is due on the 1st of the month. If payment is not received by the 1st of the month, the child will not be permitted into class unless other arrangements have been made by that teacher. 
  10. I understand that the Parent-Teacher Co-op is not an umbrella program, nor do they keep grades or issue a report card. All record keeping is my responsibility. 
  11. I understand that my child is subject to dismissal for the following reasons: 
    a. Incomplete homework assignments. 
    b. Continual display of disrespect for tutor or peers. 
    c. Non-payment of fees as scheduled. 
    d. Inappropriate dress, appearance, or behavior. 
    e. Behavior in direct conflict with our Student Guidelines & Statement of Faith. 
  12. I understand that I need to have my child dressed appropriately according to the dress code outlined. Otherwise, they will need to change or leave the premises and an infraction notice will be sent home. 
  13. I understand that I should plan to visit my student’s classes a minimum of once each semester. 
  14. I understand that my child will be taught biblical principles according to the Statement of Faith. 
  15. I agree that if I have a concern, I will go immediately to the tutor to discuss this and allow the tutor time to correct the situation 
  16. I agree to work at the Parent-Teacher Co-op at the assigned volunteer times and will find my own replacement if a certain time/date does not work. If I have not fulfilled my volunteer times by the end of the school year, I’m responsible to pay $20 per time missed. 
  17. I am responsible for any broken or damage to property or building caused by my child. 
  18. I agree to go over the rules and guidelines with my students. 
  19. I understand classes canceled due to unforseen circumstances such as weather, power outages, sickness and other disasters will not be rescheduled or reimbursed.

I understand and agree to the above responsibilities as a parent. 

                                                  PARENT-TEACHER AGREEMENT                                            

I. Tutor responsibilities: 

  1. Profess an active testimony that Jesus is their personal Savior (realize they are a sinner, Romans 3:23, there is a penalty for sin, Romans 5:12, realize Jesus paid the penalty on the cross and because of that payment they have eternal life, Romans 10:13). 
  2. Pray for each student and their family. 
  3. Be punctual in class and in correcting and handing back homework (two week turnover). 
  4. Teach the subject matter and answer all questions from a biblical worldview. 
  5. Contact the parent immediately with any issues concerning their student. 
  6. Grade homework with a percentage unless otherwise stated in class description. 

II. Parental responsibilities: 

  1. Pray for each teacher. 
  2. Pay for each class in six payments due on the first of the following months: August, September, October, November, February, and March (unless other arrangements are made with the tutor). Class fees must be paid in full by March 1st or students will not be allowed to return to class, register for the following years classes or graduate with the co-op. 
  3. Assist the student in completing the assignments on time
  4. Contact the teacher immediately with any issues concerning your student or the class. 
  5. All classes must be dropped or changed by August 1st. Parents will be responsible to pay for the full year of teaching after August 1st even if you pull your child from the class. The 2nd semester classes must be dropped or changed by December 1st or parents will be expected to pay for the 2nd semester class. 
  6. Monitor all tests and exams. 

III. Student responsibilities: 

  1. Arrive on time and prepared for class (books, paper, pencils...). 
  2. When help is needed, contact teachers BEFORE Wednesday. 
  3. Show a Christ-like attitude and respect for student guidelines and rules, for tutors, staff, parents and other students. 
  4. Live in a manner which hoors Christ and the guidelines set forth by PTC.
  5. Hand in homework completed and on time. 
  6. Will not leave premises without permission. 

*Tutors have the right to terminate this contract if responsibilities are not met. 
*Class payments must still be paid as per this agreement. 

                                    PARENT-TEACHER CO-OP RELEASE FORM                                        

THE UNDERSIGNED HEREBY FULLY RELEASES, DISCHARGES, AND AGREES TO INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS (“Release”) Parent-Teacher Co-op and/or Banner of Christ Church from any and all rights, claims, liability, and actions that may arise (be they with or without merit) for the use of facilities, equipment or properties (facilities”) by the undersigned, and any of its members, customers, invitees, guests or others who may use or be present on the facilities with the undersigned’s permission, or while the undersigned is supervising or allowing the use of the facilities. 

This Release is given by the undersigned for and on behalf of itself, its owners, directors, officers, members, agents, customers, invitees, guests and all others who may use or be present on the facilities while the undersigned is supervising or allowing the use of the facilities. 

This Release is given to the Parent-Teacher Co-op and Banner of Christ Church and its owners, directors, officers, members, invitees, and guests. The undersigned agrees that it has received for this Release valuable and adequate consideration, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged. 

This Release is intended to cover all matters of injury, damage, or loss, (be they tort, contract, or otherwise) whether known, unknown, foreseen, unforeseen, patent, regarding injury, abuse or damage to property or person. 


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