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Facilitating Requirements

Parent participation is essential to the success of TEC; therefore, parents are expected to serve at the co-op every other week, during the times that their children attend.  We refer to this as “facilitating.” We have a rotating A and B schedule to help keep track of who is scheduled each week. Facilitators are responsible to assist teachers when needed, assist in classroom discipline as necessary, and take attendance.

Parent facilitators are used to provide a safe and communicative environment for our co-op. Facilitating or an alternative service arrangement is a requirement of every parent in the co-op. Your number of days required to facilitate will depend on the number of hours your child(ren) participate. If for any reason you are unable to fulfill your facilitating duties on a day when you are scheduled, it is your responsibility to find a replacement for your time slots.  

We have a few types of facilitators: classroom facilitators, lunch mom, end of the day clean up and hall monitors.

Every classroom needs to have a facilitator. Classroom facilitators are expected to take attendance, assist the teacher, escort students to the restrooms, and help with classroom discipline if needed.

Hall monitor facilitators will make sure that students are where they need to be and aren’t loitering in the hallways. The hall monitor will also be given a basket of supplies and will need to check with all classroom teachers to see if they are in need of any supplies. Someone will also be designated as a study hall monitor. There may also be a person designated as a “floater” who will be asked to facilitate in a classroom if a substitute is needed.

Any moms who are at TEC during lunchtime from 12:00-12:30 are asked to please help out with the children, especially with the little ones. You may eat your lunches during this time, too, but please make sure the students are behaving themselves in the lunchroom. We need at least two lunch moms to be present each TEC day.

Each TEC family member will recieve a detailed handbook with all the information mentioned here.