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Interested in joining Watermark?

Interested in Joining Watermark?

Thanks so much for your interest in Watermark!

Currently Enrolled Families   

CLICK HERE for Registration! 

For New/Prospective Families:

We’re excited that you are considering joining Watermark and becoming part of our homeschool community! If you are interested in joining, we ask that you complete the following steps:


STEP 1: Look over our information online.

We want to make sure that we are all on the same page and have the same general expectations, so please read over each of the following documents carefully. Agreement to the same standards and expectations will help ensure the best Watermark experience for everyone involved. (You may want to right click and choose "Open link in new tab" so you can keep this page open for a reference as you read each section indicated.)

  1. Read the Q & A section of our website.
  2. Watermark is a homeschool group that is built around the Christian faith with classes often taught from a biblical worldview. Please read our Statement of Faith to be sure that you understand the tenets by which our program operates. Though we do not require each person to adhere to all tenets of our Statement of Faith, we do require that you read them and agree to be respectful of this position in behavior, speech and dress while attending any Watermark classes and events.
  3. Please carefully read our Guidelines and Regulations Handbook. We know it’s a lot of information, but grab a cup of coffee and dive into the exciting document that is our Handbook, and do let us know if you have any questions. Please pay particular attention to the section on parent and student expectations, discipline policies, facility use and volunteering. Note also the details for payment and payment plans.
  4. We do not require that parents teach, but for Watermark to run efficiently we ask that each family commit to volunteering in some way throughout the year. There are many different opportunities with varying levels of commitment, but if you are not able to commit to this, you may want to consider another option for your homeschool journey at this time. We believe volunteering creates a place for you within the watermark community. We are all in this together! Come BE Watermark with us... Don't just watch from afar, Play a Part! 
  5. Check out our details of the classes here; just click on each individual class for more information.

If there are questions you have that weren’t answered by the Q&A section, or if you want to connect more with us, please e-mail us at info@BeWatermark.com.

Once you’ve looked over the above information, we'd love to hear more from you if you think that Watermark will be a good fit for you! If you are ready to request an interview and submit an application for consideration, go to Step 2.

If you’ve found yourself disagreeing with many of our policies and/or Statement of Faith, we get that too, and are glad that reading over this information helped you realize this. We know there are many who do not believe in the Christian faith, However, the participants of this program do and we do not hold that against anyone. We hope you wouldn't hold that against us either. We wish you the best as you walk out your homeschool journey and search for a program to meet your particular needs! If we can be of service to you as you do this, please let us know.


STEP 2: Schedule an interview/meeting with Watermark Leadership AND pay the nonrefundable $10 Interview Fee after you've scheduled your meeting.

We want to meet you in person, answer any questions you have and make sure Watermark is a good fit for you! Please write us at info@BeWatermark.com for more information about interviews. Interview slots are scheduled based on the amount of space available in classes, so in most cases, we unfortunately will not be able to add more slots to the schedule once it fills. Therefore, though we know that not everyone with whom we meet will end up joining, we do ask that you strongly consider your interest in becoming a part of Watermark before you schedule a time.

Please note that there is a $10 nonrefundable interview fee due before the meeting time. The fee must be paid within two (2) business days of scheduling your interview time and should be sent via PayPal to @bewatermark.com. (Users need to create a PayPal account in order to make payments from PayPal. Once you’ve logged into your account, click on “Send & Request” from the top menu bar and enter the above address (@bewatermark.com). Please comment in the notes section “Interview fee for {your name}.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your interview, please let us know so the slot can be made available for other families.


STEP 3: Complete the application online no later than 2 business days before your scheduled interview time.

  1. Request to join the Watermark website here.  Please note that you will create a username and password for Watermark's website, which will be activated upon final approval of your Watermark application. Write down or remember this password for easier access later should you join, as you will need it for registration if you become a part of Watermark.
  2. Fill out the Medical Form, Liability Waiver, and the Family Registration Form. (These forms are attached to your request to join above, so you will be prompted to do this after you submit a request to join the website. The Family Registration Form link will only show up once you have completed the Medical Form.)
  3. The website will ask you to pay a Family Registration Fee. You do not need to pay this until after acceptance into Watermark.


STEP 4: Attend your Watermark interview/meeting with your family.

We are looking forward to meeting with you and your family!

Please remember to let us know if you need to cancel or reschedule your interview so the slot can be made available for other families.


STEP 5: Await more information.

Notification of your status with Watermark will often be sent within a few days but no more than two weeks after meeting with Leadership. Once you have been approved, you will be invited to join the member area of the website, where you can pay the Family Registration Fee and begin registering for classes once registration opens. If you need help with that, well, that's a whole other webpage.  We're happy to help with that part, too, though!  We recommend that you pay your family registration fee before class registration opens so that you are ready to sign up immediately and don't have to go through additional steps before signing up for classes.

*Please note that registration is open from March to August each year. After that, registration closes unless there are open slots available in classes, in which case we will announce that. If it’s outside our registration timeline, we invite you to look over our website to see if Watermark might be a good fit for you next year. In the meantime, you’re welcome to email us for more information or to be placed on a waiting list and to be informed about Open House and registration for the next school year. Please know that the Watermark leadership team is made up of homeschool parents just like you are, so we take a break during the summer so that we can spend time with our families. For this reason, you will find response to emails to be much slower as we focus on rest and family before a busy homeschool year.