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This list is intended to give everyone an idea of what's coming next term! Classes are entered in the order they're received. The board will try to balance what is proposed across the periods. Being on this list doesn't indicate board approval, final approval of classes will happen after the proposals due date. If you see a need, please propose something or talk to friends about filling in the gap!

Spring 2024

Class NameDescriptionAgesTeacher

Intro to Ballroom Dance
Let's learn some basic social dancing! We will learn the basic steps of a variety of Standard (foxtrot, waltz, ...) and Latin/Rhythm (merengue, cha cha, mambo, swing...) style dances. Each week we will focus on one or two dances, practicing what we learned and adding new steps. No dance experience required, just try something new and have fun!
12-18Deborah Denovich, Rachel Meyers
Darwin Book Club
Evolution is the bedrock for biology and ecology. This book club will focus on the science of evolution. Each week we’ll read and discuss a chapter or two of the Young Readers edition of "On The Origin of Species" and will examine how modern science and evidence have proven how ahead of his time Darwin’s thinking really was. This will be a discussion based class with some hands on activities or demonstrations illustrating evolution in action.
12-18Deborah Denovich
LEGO ClubCome join us for lots of creative brick building! Each class will introduce a challenge for kid’s to complete; they’ll use their own design ideas to build bridges, sculpt monsters, and more.6-11Mary Crago
Messy Science LabThis hands-on class will introduce the scientific method with lots of colorful and messy experimentation along the way. Each class will offer an engaging new experiment, simple explanations of scientific concepts, and an opportunity for kids to make their own conclusions. Join us in making awesome scientific discoveries!7-10Mary Crago
Creative Problem Solving
"Creative Problem Solving" is a unique and entertaining class that challenges students to complete a variety of absurd and hilarious homework assignments. This curriculum explores critical thinking, teamwork, and out-of-the-box problem-solving skills. Students will complete and submit a homework video assignment every week. In class we will discuss the tasks, strategies used by the students, and the importance of creativity in overcoming challenges. Through watching and discussing your peers videos, students will develop practical problem-solving abilities while having a great time.
11-18Ben Meyers, Abby Kuftic
Intro to SewingThis class is for students to be introduced to and practice machine sewing. Beginners and those with no experience are welcomed! We will be learning the parts of home sewing machines, how to sew straight single stitches, and will complete a few projects throughout the semester, including a tote bag. Yay! Fun! The age range is wide, so please be sure that your student is comfortable with a moderate amount of independent work. There will be three teachers in the room, but it will be a busy class.8-18Abby Kuftic, Melissa Jennings, April Lechwar
Mythical CreaturesExplore the fantastical world of mythical creatures as we meet and study legendary beasts from around the globe and throughout history. Each week, we will discover a new creature through mythology, folklore, literature, and art, and a combination of didactic instruction and hands-on activities. Students will have a chance to share their knowledge and even create their own mythical creature.9-13Allison Johnson & Jessica Rudmin
Mysteries of the UniverseThis will be an interactive and hands on class where kids will learn about all things space. We will use The Mysteries of the Universe in DK Children’s Anthology series as our guide; each week will introduce a new topic, followed by an activity, craft, and/or a game. Kids will do things like create a solar system model and their own constellations, paint planets and sculpt moon rocks, get their hands in galaxy sensory bins, and design their own rockets for launch.4-7Mary Crago
The Novellas of Stephen KingA book club to read some of the shorter works of Stephen King - one of the most popular and prolific horror/thriller writers of our time. After reading (or listening to) assigned stories/sections each week outside of class, we’ll come together to discuss and analyze the work. By reading multiple pieces by the same author, we will be able to compare and contrast the novellas, as well as look for themes or literary devices throughout. It will be up to the student to source the stories, which are all in print and readily available through the library system. Additionally, given the nature of King’s work, the novellas will likely be, in part, gruesome, psychologically thrilling, and/or macabre; please be honest with yourself about whether this is something you are interested in and mature enough to read and discuss.13-19Becky Spevack
Kids Comedy ClubIn this class, we will read joke books, watch/listen to comedians deliver kid-appropriate comedy, talk about what makes something funny, practice writing and telling our own jokes, learn how to be a good audience and probably laugh and groan a lot. No outside homework, but we will be writing a little in every class.7-11Katy Frey
Art books and paper toysJoin us to learn some basic book making techniques, play with paper, and make some art! We will do one page zines, accordion style books, pop ups, and a few other styles. We will also use drawing, collage, and other fun techniques to fill our books. There's a whole world to be discovered from a page of paper!7-11Cosette Cornelius-Bates and Becky Spevak
Zine MakingZines have been a hallmark of many underground movements as a way to communicate and spread information. We like that they are an affordable art form that you can easily make copies of and share. We also like that they take very little supplies to make. Sometimes zines take the form of a newsletters, mini-comics, or a journal entry. Sometimes they explain how to do something or tell a story. In this class we will learn how to make a zines out of one piece of paper as well as some other formats, talk a bit about the zine movement, and look at some zines we've collected. At the end of the class, we will print class copies of the zines and everyone will go home with a set of zines, one from each student.11-18Cosette Cornelius-Bates and Becky Spevak
Alphabet Scavenger Hunt 2
Let's explore ten new letters of the alphabet! Each week will be focused on a different letter with an emphasis on its phonetic sound(s). Students are encouraged to bring an item from home that starts with the letter of the week for show and share. We'll read stories, play games, do crafts, learn rhymes, and move as we go on an alphabet scavenger hunt!
4-6Holly Schnur, Jes Scuilli
GymWe will be playing a plethora of different games throughout the course including but not limited to: dodgeball, capture the flag, four square, ultimate frisbee (with a special soft frisbee), and obstacle courses.10 and upTed Block
Everything Paper Club
This (STUDENT LED!) class will feature fun paper-crafts from around the world - specifically using recycled paper and even making our own paper! Projects will feature things like papier-mâché, decoupage and origami. Gavi loves to learn new techniques and share them with other like-minded, creative friends. Added awesomeness: as part of the StudentsRebuild program that his Mom helps with, all items crafted out of recycled materials can earn $5 toward environmental charities helping to create a cleaner Earth.
7-10Malorie Schecter
Detective/mystery ClubThis class will be hands on. Throughout the term, students will be learning about different types of detective techniques to solve a crime. Classes include blood typing, finger print comparisons, secret codes, solving puzzles, making fake blood, making invisible ink, making secret maps, making disguises, and more! This class will be led by 10 year old Ketzia wanting to make new friends and share what she knows about this fun topic (with parent help of course!)8-12Malorie Schecter
Pretend Play ClubThis will be a free play-based class where students will bring dolls, stuffed animals, or action figures from home, and I will provide a suggested pretend play scenario for the students to play with their friends.6-10Zoe Weaver
Birds, Birds, BirdsLearn about birds through books, crafts, science, and other activities. We'll cover topics including nests, beaks, eggs, feathers, and more. Every week we'll practice recognizing common local birds by their calls and songs.4-6Kendra Williamson, Colleen Wedler
Intermediate/ Advanced SewingIntermediate/ Advanced sewing
You know the basics, how to thread the machine and you've made a few simple projects, but now what? In this hands on class we'll learn how to use patterns to make more complex projects (possible examples- clothing items, a hoodie, a vest, more advanced bags, wallet, a switch case, etc). We can cover different types of stitches, different fabrics, and sewing zippers. You don't need to know everything, but some experience is required.
I'm a professional sewist, and I think it'll be fun to help further the students skills!

10-18Kat Mostowy
Cosplay workshopCosplay workshop- Are you interested in making your own costume? In this hands on, project based class we'll do some introductory projects covering the basics of foam construction, clay foam construction, mask making, painting, and styling and re-fashioning clothes for costumes. Students can bring their own cosplay projects from home to work on and get guidance with.10-18Kat Mostowy
Magical Kitties D&DHave you ever wondered what cats get up to all day while humans go about their daily lives? Well, now is your chance to find out! Come and join us for Magical Kittens Save the Day, a D&D style role-playing adventure where you become a cat. As cats, you'll work together to use your magical powers to solve problems and keep your humans out of trouble. This is an entry level D&D adventure with no prior experience needed.7-11Mellisa Paden
Board Game ClubEnjoy board games? Card games? Dexterity games? Join us as we play and explore different games each week. This will be an entirely hands on class. If students have a game they world like to teach and share, we always encourage that!10-18Mellisa Paden
Carboard and TapeThis class will focus on young students' love of creating things from cardboard and tape. Each week we will either focus on using a specific medium (e.g., egg cartons, cereal boxes, toilet paper rolls, etc.) or constructing something based around a theme. While some weeks will focus exclusively on construction others may be a mix of constructing and decorating as needed. A few books may be read aloud throughout the semester. If you plan on signing your child up for this class, please save cardboard of all styles for us to use.4-7Kirstin Swenson
Cardboard CreationsStudents will complete various projects using cardboard. Instructions for a different project will be provided each week. Projects may include but are not limited to missile helicopters, swinging monkeys, dioramas, instruments, photo frames. The types of projects selected will be influenced by the students’ interests. If you plan on signing your child up for this class, please save some cardboard of all styles for us to use.7-10Kirstin Swenson
What if you had Animal…?Each week we will begin class by reading a What if you had Animal…? book by Sandra Markle. We will then learn a little bit more about the feature (e.g., teeth, nose, etc.) as it pertains to the human body. Each may include a craft and/or sensory experiences to bring what we learn to life. Additional books will be read or referenced as need.4-7Kirstin Swenson
Armor through the AgesLearn about armor and protective clothing throughout history! Each week, we will study the armor of a different region, people group, or historical era. This class will feature hands-on activities and direct instruction, with opportunities for building and construction inspired by our learning.8-12Allison Johnson
Percy Jackson & Greek MythologyGeek out over all things Percy Jackson, Rick Riordan's modern take on Greek mythology. Possibilities include reading and discussing parts of the books, exploring games, snacks and music from Camp Half-Blood, and creating our own art, fanfic and mythology. Haven't read the series? If you like adventure and mythology you are welcome to join this class to get a taste of it and to have some fun with a really great book series, while exploring Greek mythology.9-18Katy Frey and Rebecca Torbochkin
Flash FictionFiction in a flash! Flash fiction, also known as short-short stories and sudden fiction, refers to super short stories, usually just one page long. Each class, we'll read an example of flash fiction to figure out how writers tell an interesting story with a beginning, middle, and end in only a few hundred words. Then we'll try out these crafty techniques by writing our own super short stories and sharing them with each other. By the end of the term, each student will create their own book of short stories to share.11-18Steph Sorensen
Pokemon ClubPokemon Club is a opportunity for kids to come together and show off Pokemon cards, play Pokemon games, and talk about some of our favorite Pokemon.7-12Noel or Andy Medici
Anatomy in ActionLearn about body parts and play active games. This will be a highly active PE class with brief, age appropriate anatomy lessons. We will play classic games as well as do activities to develop coordination, strength and balance. All are welcome, please email katyfrey@gmail.com to discuss specific adaptive needs of your child.4-7Katy Frey
Sensory Play ExplorationsThis class will be a fairly open-ended exploration of sensory activities. Each week will be a different activity. We will be doing things like making salt dough, making/adding things to slime, using rice bins/toys, making fidgets of different sorts, etc. I will also bring in stories to read to the kids as they play with the week's sensory activity if they want me to.4-10Becky Ashkettle
The Science and Psychology of AnimalsIn this class we will learn about animals through the study of anatomy, physiology, behavior and reproduction. We will also discuss zoonotic diseases, careers involving animals, animal handling, conservation and welfare as well as husbandry/production. Our focus this semester will be on domesticated pet and farm animals. We will use a mix of lecture, discussion and some hands on learning. Some outside of class reading may be recommended.12-18Jennifer Sherrill and Megan Tarchichi
Dungeons and DragonsPlay Dungeons & Dragons! Open to both new and experienced players. Practice roleplaying, math, social problem solving, collaborative storytelling, turn taking, listening, and teamwork. Players make characters and choose an adventure to take together. Addition, reading, and writing skills are helpful. This is a cooperative game, with no PVP.8-13Rebecca Torbochkin, Jessica Rudmin, Andy Medici
Introduction to Natal AstrologyAstrology is all over social media, making its comeback for the new millennium. Your teenage years are a great time to get a little astro knowledge under your belt because astrology is more than fun - it's a useful tool for self discovery! Come learn about what the signs and planets represent, and learn to read your own birth chart, houses and all. We'll spend some time in lecture and some in discussion. For this class, you'll need to know your birth date and time, as well as the city you were born in. I've been studying to become a professional astrologer for a couple of years now and I feel confident I can help you learn how to use this centuries-old tool to gain new personal insights.13-19Jessica Rudmin
Drawing clubDrawing whatever you want while listening to music and chatting with friends.9-12Theresa Stadt
Storytelling ClubThis class will be all about creating stories through many different hands on activities! Sometimes we will make up stories as a whole group, and sometimes as smaller groups or individual students. No "writing" skills necessary, however there will be opportunities to write and draw. Teachers can always script dictations for those not comfortable with writing yet. Story cubes, creating books, recreating popular childrens books, charades, picture story writing, "telephone" stories are just a few examples of how we will create stories. Students will also be given time to share through author circles.4-7Elizabeth Peterson
Competitive GamesAre you ready to challenge yourself and your friends? Every week students will compete against themselves or other students in a series of challenges. Beyond hoops and relay races (although those are fun too) students will see who can do something the fastest, the longest, or the most. If you like active play and competition this class is for you! Some challenges may not take the whole hour so active games like dodgeball, shooting hoops, etc. may be played. Students ideas and suggestions will be used to create even more fun!11-17Elizabeth Peterson
Making Art inspired by Picture BooksChildren's picture books often have beautiful illustrations. In this class we will create art inspired by illustrators such as Eric Carle, Carin Berger, Virginia Lee Burton, and Ezra Jack Keats. We will use a variety of media, including paint, collage, and pencil. Older students are welcome to join this class if they enjoy art-making, with the understanding that we will read some younger children's picture books for inspiration.7-14Jaime Horst
Money MattersIn this class, the kids will learn the basics of personal finance by making choices and creating budgets to see how those choices impact their future lives. Topics covered will be on college, careers, loans (ex. buying a car, college, etc), budgeting, credit cards, taxes, insurance, savings, and retirement. **There will be basic math and some homework to research their choices.13-18Amelia Moya; Heidi Taylor
BasketballIn this class, we will play basketball, mostly full court but possibly some half court games (three-on-three, 21, HORSE, etc.) in smaller groups as well. No previous experience required. We'll learn by playing!10-13Ryan Mills
Nonsense Poetry 101

Words that make sense are just no fun. Words that make sense are like test scores, chores, and dirty little police officers. Words that make sense are to blame for all the world’s problems.

Our only hope is to raise an army of children who refuse to make sense. We’ll call it a “class.” But really we’ll be a wild museum of solar gibberish bathtubs who will practice not making sense in as many ways as impossible. 

Minimal (but some) pencil-to-paper writing skills required. Writing by hand is for mathematical baboons who like to fling their logic like poo, so we’ll mostly focus on dictated composition and “cut-up” experiments. And like the many avant-garde writers and artists who stirred up trouble before us, we’ll also explore collaborative writing (working on a single piece together as a group) through methods such as the surrealist “exquisite corpse” game.

Peel your liquid bananas, wear a bent rhinoceros horn, and get ready to flip some hand-grenade pancakes!

10-13Ryan Mills, Cosette Cornelius-Bates
Comic & Storybook MakersA hands on visual storytelling class designed to help brainstorm & begin creating the kids own tales. No pre-existing skills required besides an interest in drawing.

Samples and examples of comics will be provided as well as pre-designed fill-in pages. Letter templates will be available as well as guided writing support.

The hope for the class is to build an enjoyable creative environment that helps use comics as an outlet and escape and could use the compiled stories to create an Anthology book to donate to the Main Carnegie Library.

I am a designer & illustrator with two published kids books & 2 published graphic novels.
4-8Chris sheridan
Teen Time
Does being a teen ever have you feeling stressed out? Would you occasionally like to revisit that childhood time of hands-on crafts, snacktime, clay, Legos, simple science experiments, and games? Come join us as we revisit that simple pressure-free time of childhood each week!
13-19Holly Schnur