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Fall 2019

This list is intended to give everyone an idea of what's coming next term! Classes are entered in the order they're received. The board will try to balance what is proposed across the periods. Being on the list doesn't indicate board approval, final approval of classes will happen after the proposals due date. If you see a need, please propose something or talk to friends about filling in the gap!

Class NameDescriptionAges  Teacher
My Little Pony Role Playing GameThis role playing game is for those either new to roleplaying or experienced. Even if you don't like or watch the show, this game lets you create your own character and make your own choices. This game uses an established rules system and will be following a module. The group will be working together, and while everyone should have plenty of fun we will also be focused on staying on task and completing the story by the end of the term!8 - 12

Anita Hager

PALS is Putting on A(nother) Play!We had so much fun putting on a play in the spring that we are going to do another play in the fall! The play will be decided upon and announced shortly. Anyone who signs up for this class will have a part that they will be responsible for memorizing. Regular practice at home will be a necessity for the students to be prepared to perform after just ten weeks of practice. The play will be performed at Share Fair on December 11th.8 - 18Holly Schnur
Science ExperimentsWe will learn about a science topic through books and other materials, and then we will do an experiment to further explore the topic. There will be a different topic each week.4 - 6Sue Metcalfe
Wire Work: Introduction to Wire TechniquesThis will be a hands on exploration in using wire as an artistic medium. Each student will receive a kit with all the materials needed to create wire art including multiple kinds of pliers, wire, beads and additional findings. This will be purchased in advance of the class and materials fees will be non-refundable. We will begin by doing wearable art to learn basic technique and progress through the foundations of three dimensional sculpture. No previous experience is necessary.10 - 18Celishia Rent
Principles of WritingThis class will focus on developing skills in multiple genres of writing such as Narrative, Editorial, Persuasive and Research. We will spend class time discussing characteristics of writing genres and their purpose, as well as practicing writing. As with most of education you will get out of this class what you put in, there will be multiple writing assignments and the assignments will culminate in the completion of a research paper. Each writing assignment will be returned to the student with proofreading marks and a personal response.13 - 18Celishia Rent
Creative MovementActive learning with songs, instruments, movement, dance, and occasional related crafts.4 - 6Jennifer Sherrill
Animal KingdomLearning about animal classification, habitats, how animals communicate, hibernation/migration, and more!5 - 8Jaime Horst and Jennifer Sherrill
Beginner/Intermediate SpanishDo you want to speak Spanish? Do you like silly skits? Come have fun with us and see how much Spanish you'll learn! Each day we'll learn some vocabulary and then put it together in fun and funny ways. Sometimes we'll eat snacks or play games, too. This class is good for beginners or those with some prior Spanish. It's an excellent complement to other tools like Rosetta Stone or Duolingo.9 - 18Jill McClain and Anita Hager
Intermediate/Advanced SpanishMore silly Spanish skits! This is a continuation of the Excelerate Spanish class I offered in 2018/19 (and will be offering again in Fall 2019). This class is open to students who were in my Spring class or other intermediate/advanced students.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about which class to sign up for. As with the beginner class, this class will be an excellent complement to other tools like Rosetta Stone or Duolingo.
9 - 18

Jill McClain

Jr. Navigators, USAJr Navigators, USA is a “scouts like” organization. It will consist of learning many skills and the option of earning a badge for the skill learned. Areas of concentration are divided into broader categories titled Body, Freedom, Mind, Planet. There is a Navigator’s Compass and Navigator’s Slogan. Both are recited regularly and they are the guides for the meetings. We Suggest those interested go to their website and take a look! https://navigatorsusa.org/8 - 12Jennifer Korona-Huffman; Deb Denovich
Fort buildingCome build forts! We'll supply the materials - boxes, sheets, etc. You supply the ideas and labor!6 - 14Jill McClain
Math ArtsThis class will use a collection of easy, creative art experiences integrated with early math concepts from the child's everyday world. We will also explore math while playing simple games.4 - 5Pam Howe
Show Me A StoryWe will be using craft projects and activities to spark storytelling. It will encourage each person to shape their everyday imaginings into fun stories. Some of the stories may be a group story and others will be one person's story. Many of the stories will be oral. Some may be written but help will be available to anyone who is uncomfortable with writing.7 - 11Pam Howe
Basics of Music TheoryThis class will introduce students to the basics of music theory - note values, clefs, sharps and flats, key signatures, and perhaps some sight reading. This level of music theory is appropriate for beginning students (those who have been reading music for several years may find this class too low for their level).8 - 12Jaime Horst
Creative Building/STEMStudents, working in pairs or teams, will be given a challenge and specific supplies to complete each challenge. Challenges will include things like making: a Rube Goldberg machine, a paper tower that holds weight, a vehicle, etc. We will likely repeat Bungee Barbie with a slightly more scientific approach. Students will be using hot glue guns and box cutters; responsible behavior is a must! Students will be working in pairs; cooperative behavior will be a necessity.10 - 18Ann Walsh
Active Imaginative PlayIn this class, students and teachers will collaboratively create our own imaginative games. We will be as active as possible during class and will play outside whenever possible. (Ideal age range is 5-8, but older students who enjoy pretend play are welcome.)5 - 8Ryan Mills
Adulting 101Through guest speakers, this class will address some of the following depending on availability: Basic Sewing; Personal finance; Cooking/ shopping/list making; Find Your Passion program through Grow a Generation ($); Post high school education options; Drug education ; Internet safety; First aid. We will also pick a volunteer action that will benefit the immediate community.13 - 18Ellen Simon
5th Grade Math Skills (Fantasy Baseball Math Rookie Pre-Req)In the Spring, we will be offering Fantasy Baseball Math, a regional competition that combines baseball with math! To prepare for this, we will be covering the following math topics in this pre-req course: long division, ratios, fractions, decimals, degrees, percents, and using a protractor. NOTE: You do not have to know anything about baseball, nor do you have to join FBM in the spring to take this class; it is a math class for everyone, that happens to be required for those considering the team in the spring.9 - 14Emily Viehland, Mary Alice Chaffin
Teen TimeMiss the carefree preschool days? This class is a relaxed setting to hang out while enjoying updated versions of old favorite activities tailored just for teens. Activities will include arts and crafts, storytime/open mic, games (UNO, anyone?), music and movement, show and tell, snack time, and special themed days (yes, that means pajama day). Story and music selections will be a blend of teacher and student picks.13 - 18Jenny Kalfut
The World of WorkThis course will cover the basics of entering the workforce, from work permits and regulations for working teens, to the realities of job applications and interviews. We will also touch on labor issues, job and career exploration, and discuss opportunities for both paid and volunteer work. Activities will include mock job interviews and a collective bargaining simulation.12 - 18Mary Alice Hodgson, Jenny Kalfut
World ReligionsThis course will explore faith traditions from around the globe, both historically and as they are currently observed. The emphasis will be on shared values, open and respectful dialogue, and understanding the religious freedoms and protections granted by the Constitution. Classes will be a mix of discussion and hands-on activities.10 - 18Jenny Kalfut
The adventures of Flat StanleyKids will listen to the original Flat Stanley book, and we will be exploring his adventures through science, art, and geography, and a little bit of writing. Everyone will make their own flat Stanley to send to a relative or friend for a little vacation and we will track and share those experiences as a class.6 - 8Susan Spencer
DissectionWe will learn about anatomy and physiology of a variety of different animals through hands-on dissection.11 - 18Merry Demko, Mary Alice Chaffin
Dungeons and Dragons ClubD&D for younger kids. Beginners are welcome but this is not an instructional class, rather a club for kids to learn and play together.9 - 12Merry Demko
Dungeons & DragonsD&D club for experienced teens14 - 18Nancy Nordheimer
Around the world with Little PassportsWe will be exploring different countries across the Globe using Little Passports. Each week will feature a different country: story, activity, snack.4 - 6Susan Spencer,
Bethany Thornton
Observational Drawing 2This class is for students who have either taken Observational Drawing 1 or another drawing class. We will explore drawing while continuing to build the skill of seeing and taking our work to the next level. Students will receive homework. Jordan Parkerton-Gross received her BA in painting at Bard College and took drawing and painting programs at New York Studio School.10 - 18Jordan Parkerton-Gross
Intro to Shakespeare
More details to come
10 - 13Zahra Aziz
Fun with Multiplication
This class will be based upon the 1st through 3rd grade Waldorf methods of learning the times tables. Each week, we will delve into a different table. Methods include: dancing, singing, visual artistry, and stories. *I* didn't know all of my tables cold until I started homeschooling my kids with Waldorf--it is never too late to get good at this useful skill! No reading or multiplication skills assumed to sign up.
7 -12Emily Viehland