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This list is intended to give everyone an idea of what's coming next term! Classes are entered in the order they're received. The board will try to balance what is proposed across the periods. Being on this list doesn't indicate board approval, final approval of classes will happen after the proposals due date. If you see a need, please propose something or talk to friends about filling in the gap!

Spring 2022

Class NameDesrciptionAgesTeacher
Vegetables: Garden to TableA hands on class that gives students the opportunity to explore a new veggie each week. We'll talk about what each vegetable needs to grow and practice preparing (and tasting) some foods that feature them. Everyone will be sent home with seeds and starter pots so that they can plant their vegetables in their own home gardens. *I have celiac disease, am vegan, and have restaurant/personal experience with allergies and cross contamination. I'll work hard to ensure everyone's dietary needs are met and that all choices are safe for everyone in the class.7 - 11Cristie Bloom-Gabuzda
Fiber Arts ExplorationThis fiber arts exploration class will include dyeing your own wool yarn and knitting and/or crocheting. All of this class will be hands on, although there will likely be some demo of techniques as needed. The first week of class we will dye two skeins of wool yarn, the weeks following will be learning to either knit and/or crochet OR if you already know, the knowledge and help of two experienced fiber arts folks to take your knitting or crochet to the next level. This class is open to students with any and all - or no! - experience with knitting and crochet.12 - 18Cosette Cornelius-Bates and Abby Kuftic
Board GamesStudents will play board games together!9 - 13Theresa Stadt
Brain TeasersWe will stretch our brains and practice word puzzles and brain teasers together! Class will incorporate some math and logic concepts, but mostly in a workshop/hands-on style. Kids who love to problem solve will enjoy this class. There will be an option for a group puzzle to solve each week, or solo puzzles for those who prefer to work alone or in smaller teams.11 - 18Abby Kuftic
Silly Spanish Skits (Beginner/Intermediate Spanish)
Do you want to speak Spanish? Do you like silly skits? Come have fun with us and see how much Spanish you'll learn! Each day we'll learn some vocabulary and then put it together in fun and funny ways. Usually we'll eat snacks and play games, too (please let me know about any food restrictions). This class is an excellent complement to other tools like Rosetta Stone or Duolingo.
9 - 18

Jill McClain