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Hello Families,
Thank you for your interest in our group.  Orlando Christian Home Educators (OCHED) is an active Christian, family oriented group whose desire is to serve the Lord Jesus Christ, while teaching our children at home.  Also, we believe that our children are gifts from God.  As parents, we are fully responsible for their education, instilling Godly character and training our children to love God with all their heart.
We offer various activities for students of all ages, such as field trips, a published yearbook, FPEA membership, holiday celebrations, Christmas celebration, end of the school year celebration, Geography Fair, Science Fair, community service events and more.  The events and activities that you, as members, choose to organize, facilitate, and assist in are what enrich the overall home education experience for our families.
The Membership for OCHED is non refundable $65.00 per family per year and Kids of all ages are welcome.
Our membership requirements are as follows:
•    Must come to one group event before commit to the group
•    Must complete an application
•    ALL members must volunteer to lead at least one activity per school year. (i.e. set-up one field trip, coordinate one holiday event, lead a craft at holiday event, lead a game at event etc.)
•    Members must schedule and organize (i.e., host) a minimum of one group events each year. Don't worry, newcomers are gently guided through the process, and hosting an event can be as simple as scheduling a group activity and posting an announcement.
Many hands make light work and we pray this format will accomplish our goals for this group.
May God guide and bless your home schooling endeavors.

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