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How are you handling Covid-19?


We are going to implement a few changes to our school year.

1. We will be doing temperature checks on all students, teachers and volunteers (basically anyone that comes in will have their temperature checked)

2. We will wiped down everything with an antibacterial agent before we start the school day.

3. After each class the teachers will have each student wash their hands with hand santizer before heading to the next class.

4. Masks are optional, if the parents want their child to wear one they may, but we will not be telling children all day to be putting them back on. That is strictly up to the parents.

5. We will not be having Hot Lunch or our Coffee Bar this semester to cut back on having to keep more things sanitized.  (We hope to bring that back in the spring)

6. Our class sizes are smaller this semester so the children will be able to spread out in the classrooms so they are not sitting right next to each other.



What happens if your Classes go Virtual?

Will I have to pay for the classes?

Can I drop out of Co-op if I don't want to be virtual?


If Classes go Virtual all of our teachers have plans in place if that happens.  We hope this does not happen again, but we were able to transition into virtual co-op at the end of the semester pretty well when this all started.  Teachers will communicate through the websites secure class forums with homework assignments, Zoom Meetings, youtube threads, etc.  If there is any material needed the teacher will get it to you.

If you continue with the class, yes you will still need to pay for the course since the teacher is still doing the same amount of work teaching it even if it is virtual.  

If you do not want to go Virtual Please let the teacher AND the Co-op Admin know ASAP so that way we can drop you from the course and take you off the roster.  You will not be expected to pay anymore for the class then.

The rules for dropping a class is only waived in the event of going Virtual.  

Registration Fees


What are LHCC fees and how often do we pay them?


LHCC have registration and insurance fees:

Registration fees for new families are 25.00

Registration fees for returning families are 20.00

Insurance and Supply fees are 15.00 for the school year

Registration fees are paid each semester, insurance and supply fees are once per school calendar year.

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