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Thank you for your interest in joining the Home Educators of Southwest Mississippi! 

This is an application for membership in HESWM. In submitting this request, you understand that HESWM's purpose is to encourage, support, and enhance home education in Southwest Mississippi while following Christian values set forth in the Holy Bible.  

Though we are a Christian non-profit social organization, we are an all-inclusive group. We recognize that even though we may come from different walks of life or have different teaching philosophies, we can join together in the endeavor of building strong families and providing our children with a quality education.

You also confirm that you have read and agree to the HESWM by-laws and policies and are eligible for membership because you and your family are home educating a child or children who are in PreK or above by September 1st of each school year and that you are following Mississippi homeschooling laws.  

Click HERE to read our Code of Conduct (implemented July 2022)

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Membership fees are $55.00 per family per school year and are due at the time of registration. Open registration begins July 14th. Membership fees paid after August 30th will incur a $10.00 admin fee. Membership fees are not prorated.

Access to the website will be approved after registration fees are received.  Please allow 48 hours for our admins to process your application and payment. 

*A pop up window confirming your application will appear when you click submit and will contain a PayPal link.*

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Once your invoice is paid and your membership is approved, please request to join our private Facebook page, HESWM Talk & Swap. Even if you were a member in the past, you will need to ask to re-join as membership is cleared out annually. 


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