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Spring 2024

Preschool A Preschool B K-1st Grade 1st Option K-1st Grade 2nd Option 2-3rd Grades 1st Option 2-3rd Grade 2nd Option 2-3rd Grade 3rd Option 2-3rd Grade 4th Option 4-6th Grades 1st Option 4-6th Grades 2nd Option 4-6th Grades 3rd Option 4-6th Grades 4th Option 7-8th Grades 1st Option 7-8th Grades 2nd Option 7-8th Grades 3rd Option 7-8th Grades 4th Option
Preschool Learning Time A (Spring 24)
Melanie Possi
Preschool Learning Time B: Play and Learn through Sensory Bins (Spring 24)
Heather Ruby
K-1 Folktales and Fairy Tales (Spring 24)
Jennifer Sharp
K-1 All About Animals from Around the World (Spring 24)
Sayira Brubaker
2-3rd Gym A (Spring 24)
Darryl Sandoe
2-3rd Gym B (Spring 24)
Erin Groff
4-6th Choir (Spring 24)
Jaclyn Umholtz
7-8th Farm Cultivation: What Does It Mean to Tend and Keep It?(Spring 24)
Kaitlin Horst
7-8th William Penn - Liberty and Justice for All (Spring 24)
Rachel Welk
7-8th Gym (Spring 24)
Jenice Weaver
7-8th Upper Tier/Study Hall 1st Period (Spring 2024)
Preschool Play/Snack (Spring 24)
Brenda Ruhl
K-1 Music (Spring 24)
Brianna Mellon
2-3rd Survival Skills (Spring 24)
Anne Smith
2-3rd Ecosystems (Spring 24)
Megan Chou
2-3rd Time Travelers Tea (Spring 24)
Lena Lewis
2-3rd Math Games (Spring 24)
Stephanie Miller
4-6th Gym/Fitness (Spring 24)
Jennifer Hardebeck, Amberlee Pickel
7-8th Sign Language and Deaf Culture (Spring 24)
Tonya Hogberg
7-8th Book Study: To Kill A Mockingbird (Spring 24)
Kathryn Hess
7-8th Upper Tier/Study Hall 2nd Period (Spring 2024)
Preschool Play/Movie (Spring 24)
K-1 Gym (Spring 24)
Amy Smith, Kathtren Fogle
2-3rd Music (Spring 24)
Jessica Broker
2-3rd Choir (Spring 24)
Karla Beachy
4-6th All About Chocolate (Spring 24)
Karen Karr
4-6th Budding Entreprenuer: Very Basics (Spring 24)
Tiffany Roth
4-6th The Art of Manners and Chivalry (Spring 24)
Gabriela Morrison
4-6th What's Going on Under Your Feet? Earth Science (Spring 24)
Shayla Henry
7-8th Titanic Unit Study (Spring 24)
Shallon Rohrer
7-8th Bible Study - The Book of Ephesians (Spring 24)
7-8th Upper Tier/Study Hall 3rd Period (Spring 2024)