What does CHRSM stand for?


CHRSM stands for Catholic Homeschool Resource and Support Ministry. The name was chosen to symbolically represent our mission statement. 

Chrism oil is a sacramental oil used in the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Holy Orders. At the special Chrism Mass celebrated during Holy Week, the bishop breathes on the chrism oil, symbolizing the gesture instituted by Christ when he breathed on the disciples after his resurrection, sending them the Holy Spirit. In ancient times, oils infused with hyssop and other herbs were used for healing and strengthening. Athletes would use them to help limber up prior to competition; it also made it difficult for their opponents to grasp and defeat them easily. Ancient prophets were anointed with oil as a public sign of having been chosen by God; they in turn used it to anoint fellow prophets and kings.

Our prayer is that the CHRSM community will assist our families and our young ones to be armed with the tools they will need to stand 'as a city on a hill' within this generation.


Do you have to be Catholic to participate?


You do not have to be Catholic to participate-- we welcome students of all faith backgrounds that recognize Christ as our Lord and Savior, and the son of God the Father. We do require a signed Statement of Faith. Here are some testimonials from some of our families from other churches:

"CHRSM has been an answer to our prayers!  The founders and teachers at CHRSM have such huge hearts for the Lord, for our kids, for providing quality education while praying over our children and partnering with families. It has been a blessing to be part of this ministry, to make new friends and to share our faith and unity in Christ across denominations."  

Courtney Foster
World Mission Team Director
Purcellville Baptist Church

"Our family has been so blessed by CHRSM this year.   We felt immediately welcomed and loved by the wonderful families involved in the ministry, both old friends and new, Protestant and Catholic!  The classes offered have helped fill a void in our homeschool to have excellent live teachers, as well as enriching and fun electives.  But just as importantly, CHRSM has provided us with a supportive and encouraging community, both for our children and for me!  We all look forward to Tuesdays!  Our family is truly grateful for the opportunity to be involved in CHRSM!"

Catherine Gilanshah

"CHRSM promotes a Kingdom of God environment based on the Catholic faith. The focus of the ministry is to teach children to live for Jesus Christ through academic excellence, Biblical truths, and a loving community of believers."   

Betty Ringeisen

We do want to affirm that CHRSM is run by Catholic families, as a ministry to our fellow Catholic families. Our registration process is tiered in order to meet our parish and community needs first. Priority registration is as follows:

1) Saint Francis de Sales parishioners

2) Current CHRSM families

3) Catholic families from surrounding parishes

4) non-Catholic Christian families

5) all other community families


Are all of your teachers Catholic?


All of our teachers are devout followers of Christ, and are excited to share their faith within the context of their subject matter. While some come from other Christian denominations, most are practicing Catholics.


How do we become part of CHRSM?


Thank you for your interest in our ministry!  Before proceeding with a request for membership in our organization, please review the following documents to be certain that our ministry will fit your family's needs:

-  Mission Statement

-  Statement of Faith

-  Code of Conduct

-  Policies

After reviewing these carefully, you have an interest in becoming part of our CHRSM family, you will need to fill out the family application form located here.  Once we have approved your application, you will have access to the secure portion of our website that will allow you to register for classes.  In order to register for any of our classes, you will need to indicate that you have read, are in agreement with, and will commit to adhere to the documents above. You will also be required to submit a signed Statement of Faith and a non-refundable application fee of $50 per child (max family fee of $150). This fee covers our ministry expenses such as insurance, background check fees, website, supplies, etc. 


What other fees may we expect?


In addition to the application fee (which covers ministry costs such as website maintenance, background checks, copy costs, etc), each class carries a facilities fee that goes toward maintenance and upkeep of the building. It covers business office and maintenance staff salary, upkeep and repairs, cleaning supplies, etc. The facilities fee is $50 per class with a minimum family fee of $100 and a max of $300, and is due by May 15th along with your first tuition installment.


How do I pay for CHRSM?




The non-refundable application fee is due (along with the signed Statement of Faith) at time of application.  This amount is $50/child with a maximum of $150/family.  Please make your check out to SAINT FRANCIS DE SALES CATHOLIC CHURCH and write "CHRSM App Fee" in the memo line.  Please mail your signed Statement of Faith and application fee to:   Attn: CHRSM Registrar, PO Box 660, Round Hill, VA 20142.

Q. How do I know how much my tuition is?
A. Please go to your account on the CHRSM website and click on the "Balance" tab at the top. You can then view your invoice. If you do not think your balance is accurate, please email us and we can correct any errors.
Q. When are tuition payments due?
A. 1/3 of total tuition due by the following dates: June 5th, July 15th, September 1st
Q. Who do I make the check out to for tuition?
A. Make ONE check out for your tuition.  Please do NOT add the facility fee with this check. Pay to the order of SAINT FRANCIS DE SALES CATHOLIC CHURCH. In the memo line, write "CHRSM Tuition"
**Please do NOT make the check out to CHRSM. If you do, Tara will need to contact you and you will need to send another check.
Q. Where do I send my tuition payment?
A. Please send your tuition payment to our CHRSM Registrar at the following address: CHRSM Registrar, PO Box 660, Round Hill, VA 20142
**Please do NOT send your tuition payment to St. Francis de Sales.
Q. How much do I owe for my facility fee?
A. St. Francis de Sales Parishioners pay $25 per class, MAX $150. Non-parishioners pay $50 per class with a MINIMUM of $100* and a MAX of $300. (*please note that if your child is only enrolled in one CHRSM class, the Facility Fee will be $100.  If your child is enrolled in 6 or more classes, you will pay a max of $300).
Q. When are facility fees due?
A. September 1st
Q. Who do I make the check out to for facility fees?
A. Make ONE separate check out for your facility fee. Pay to the order of SAINT FRANCIS DE SALES CATHOLIC CHURCH. In the memo line, write "CHRSM Facility Fee"
**Please do NOT make the check out to CHRSM. If you do, Tara will need to contact you and you will need to send another check.
Q. Where do I send my facility fee payment?
A. Please send your facility fee to our CHRSM Registrar at the following address: CHRSM Registrar, PO Box 660, Round Hill, VA 20142
**Please do NOT send your facility fee payment to St. Francis de Sales.



Does your program allow for drop-offs?


All high school level students may be dropped off. All students younger than high school must be accompanied by a responsible adult. If you cannot be present in the building during your child(ren)'s classes, you must designate another on-site adult who is willing to be responsible for your child(ren) in your absence. Please note that parents of drop-off students are still required to assist the ministry by meeting the minimum volunteer hour requirement.


What is your volunteer requirement?


The only way we can achieve our vision is if we all pitch in.  Parents will have a minimum requirement of volunteer hours to assist with various responsibilities within the ministry such as welcome desk, classroom aide, lunch monitor, study hall monitor, clean up staff, etc.  The number of required hours will be determined based on the number of class hours for which you have registered. 

If your situation in life makes it difficult to help during CHRSM hours, there are many, many jobs that can be done at home on your own time. We trust that you will be as generous with your time and assistance as you are able.  By doing so, you help to build our vision of a family-oriented community. On the day each family comes to St. Francis to pay fees, the chance to choose volunteer positions will be available. If a family does not sign up for a job, one will be assigned to them.  If you are unable to make your selected time, you will be asked to find someone to cover your responsibilities.


What is your refund policy in the event we need to drop a class?


We recognize that there are many extenuating and unforeseen circumstances that can occur. However, we are a ministry of our parish, and must consider the requirements of our Business Office, as well as the needs of our teachers. Our church must maintain absolute transparency with bookkeeping. Teachers prepare and plan for the year based on enrollment numbers, so this policy is a courtesy to all. 

We are able to allow limited refunds only under the following circumstances:

  1. If an instructor’s class minimum is not met and the class is cancelled, a full refund of tuition and facilities fees will be given.

  2. Prior to the start of the year, if an instructor is no longer able to offer a class, and a replacement cannot be found, students will receive a full refund of tuition and facilities fees paid.  If the instructor can no longer teach after the course has begun, a prorated refund will be given.

  3. If a class is dropped prior to August 15, and the class has a standing waitlist with another student ready to take the open seat, a full refund of tuition and facilities fees will be given (minus a $25 processing fee). If a class is dropped, and the seat cannot be immediately filled, a 50% refund of tuition and facilities fees will be given.

  4. For classes dropped between August 15 and September 14, a 50% refund of tuition and facilities fees will be given.

  5. From September 15th onward, no refunds of tuition or facilities fees will be given.

  6. If a family applies for membership and pays the application fee, and they are unable to register for a seat in the desired class, a full refund of the application fee will be mailed after September 15th.



What is your dress code policy?


In order to promote an environment of mutual respect for ourselves and others, we require students to adhere to a dress code.  Boys may wear solid colored slacks or dress shorts.  Girls may wear solid color slacks, dress shorts/skorts or skirts to modest length (right above knee).  No jeans, leggings, jeggings, yoga pants, short skirts/skorts, or athletic wear. Girls may wear solid-color leggings or jeggings under a skirt or dress that is to just above the knee. Tops cannot be tightly fitted.


Navy blue polo shirt and solid pants or skirt***  


Any collared shirt with sleeves and solid pants or skirt


During the colder months, layering pieces are allowed in the classroom but are limited to lightweight jackets or fleeces or sweaters, as long as the collar underneath is still visible. No hooded sweatshirts are allowed. 


Children participating in PE may change clothes for PE but must change immediately after class back into dress code unless it is the last period of the day.  If PE is immediately after lunch, the child must wear dress code through lunch and then change for PE.  


On Spirit Days, the dress code may be relinquished, but ONLY if the student is participating in the spirit day.  Otherwise, students must wear the usual dress code.  Jeans may be worn along with the spirit day theme, but they must be free from rips and holes.  Leggings/jeggings and athletic wear are not permitted on spirit days, unless the theme for that day specifically calls for it, such as athletic wear on National’s Victory Day. 

***Dress Code Pass:  Can’t find your navy shirt?  Got a stain on your pants at breakfast? No problem!  Donate $10 to our End of Year Celebration and receive a Dress Code Pass to wear out of dress code but appropriate clothes to CHRSM that day.


What is CHRSM's Academic Calendar for 2020-2021?



Tuesday, August 25th: CHRSM Open House/Meet the Teachers

Tuesday, September 1st: First Day of Classes for First Semester

September 1st - November 19th: Weeks 1-12

November 20th - 30th: Thanksgiving Break

December 1st -10th: Weeks 13 &14

December 11th - January 4th: Christmas Break

January 5th – 14th: Weeks 15 &16

Thursday, January 14th: END of First Semester


Tuesday, January 19th: First Day of Classes for Second Semester

January 19th - March 25th: Weeks 17-26

March 26th - April 12th: Easter Break

April 13th - May 20th: Weeks 27-32

Thursday, May 20th: Last day of classes - END of Second Semester

Friday, May 21st: CHRSM End of Year Celebration